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I seek efron that loves Zac

So it is nothing wrong but nothing right to do as well.

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According to the Daily Mail, the actor confirmed his relationship with Cara Delevingne's ex-girlfriend when they shared a series of smooches while on a sailboat. Zac Efron was seen kissing the year-old actress who was wearing a stunning black and white bikini while she leaned on the actor's body. The actor was also spotted draping a white towel to the actress to protect her from the heat as they sailed away with friends in the sea of Sardinia.

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Zac Efron gay and bi rumors are nothing new.

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While some of the Zac Efron gay rumors can be traced to the usual suspects, such as wishful thinking on the part of some gay men, many other causes directly relate to things Zac Efron has done or said. This is the case for many celebrities, including famous actors like Channing Tatum and country superstar, Kenny Chesney.

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The more a line of gossip is repeated about someone in the public limelight, the more people start to believe what they are hearing is true. And of course the existence of gay stereotypes only adds to the dynamic. What follows are 7 solid reasons why people keep asking if Zac Efron is gay or bi.

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Hopefully, the material that follows will help to provide context about what you may be hearing. Zac Efron essentially got his start by doing musicals in college. Being in a musical production does not mean an actor is gay. It can however become the source of gay rumors because of long existing stereotypes about folks who work in theater. Examples of other stars that have experienced this phenomenon include celebs like Wolverine starHugh Jackman and TV hunk, Mr.

Daniel Sunjata.


One of the many things people love about Zac Efron is that he is totally cool with gay people. Being open to the gay press can be a very smart move for actors who are just starting out in their careers. When members of the LGBT-Q community feel that an entertainer is supportive of their issues, they tend to offer their support back to an actor in kind.

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Plus, it helps if the person is good looking! Many people do not realize this but Zac Efron has done drag. Again — silly stuff here but you want to know about why these rumors are happening, right?

Zac efron bi rumors: ‘neighbors’ actor debunks gay gossips; locks lips with ‘fast & furious’ star michelle rodriguez on a holiday

A major reason gay rumors can start to take hold about a person is linked to who a celeb is dating or hanging out with. InEfron was photographed smooching with Michelle Rodriguez while on vacation in Sardinia.

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On the surface, that may not sound like a big deal until you consider that Rodriguez has been the subject of bi rumors for many years. In the case of Zac Efron, there have been several. And it seems sometimes Efron will purposely lean into his male friendships with others as a way of igniting chit-chat about his sexual orientation.

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While the pictures are cute and funny, they also became the focus of gossip on gay relates sites around the blogosphere. The two hung out with one another in Hawaii, replete with shirtless pictures and smiles.

A journalist infiltrated a doomsday cult. what he found could foretell the future.

Zac Efron has been in plenty of movies that have had a gay friendly vibe. In the vid included below, the topic of excessive self-pleasuring comes up. Perhaps the most vapid and shallow reason of all that fuels gay and bi rumors about Zac Efron relates to his looks. Simply put, Efron is thought by many to be beautiful.

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We certainly think so here on the blog. Stars that are thought to be ultra-good looking often get tagged with a gay or bi label. Zac Efron is a smart man. He has positioned himself well for the future and has cultivated a large fan base … many of whom happen to be gay.

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But here is the deal — Efron has a strong history of dating womengoing by the public record. Be sure to come back and see how your vote compares to your fellow website visitors! Men's Variety Copyright All Rights Reserved. News Ticker.

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