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I am hunt for Yuuki that hospital sao

Konno Yuuki was born on May 23, Due to dystocia, a caesarean section had to be performed, but an accident caused a large amount of bleeding and thus a blood transfusion was given. By the time the virus was detected, the whole family was already infected.

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Sword Art Online captivated anime fans who fell in love with the show's unique concept and its main female character Asuna. As the SAO players were stuck in this twisted virtual reality, the series itself was full of mysteries and Asuna's character had a lot of surprises for viewers too. She had a complex personality, a unique backstory, and a deep and meaningful relationship with Kirito that made SAO even more interesting. Many of the players were only concentrating on completing SAO and getting out alive but some of them, like Asuna, formed relationships that lasted even in the real world. No players were happy to get stuck in a game where they had to play for their lives.

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Yuuki asuna

This post contain spoilers. At least this one manages to capture the social implications brought about by VR, especially for the medical industry. In this arc, we have Yuuki, perhaps one of the strongest players known. HIV is a virus that attacks your white blood cell.

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When so much of your white blood cells are killed, the result is that there is very few of them left to protect you from infections. When that happens, the condition is called AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Transmission Getting the virus.

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HIV testing after blood transfusion is the normal practice. Let me just get this straight. You can contract HIV by direct contact of bodily fluids: sex, blood transfusion, sharing needles, or open wounds could all result in infection of HIV. You cannot get it by kissing unless you have an open wound in your mouthsneezing, coughing, sharing things, or shaking hands with infected persons.

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You cannot get HIV if a mosquito bites you. As for Yuuki and her sister, well… vertical transfer. Virus went through fetal-placental barrier. Reasonable enough…. Secondly, donated blood is routinely screened for HIV. The tests are highly sensitive.

Konno yuuki

Back inthe year Yuuki was born, the risk of HIV contaminated blood being used in transfusion is 1 in 1. Translate that into s and you get a 0.

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So I am assuming that some way or the other during c-sec or the following processes, the babies came into contact with contaminated equipment or blood. It can happen and it probably has happened. You can get it below the level where it can transmit to other people and live a normal, happy life.

Sword art online

Candidiasis is a fungal infection common in people with AIDS. It causes difficulty or pain in swallowing, and if severe, a feeding tube might be needed.

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Yes, this can kill Yuuki if you leave it untreated for too long. The other one is also a fungal infection and is treatable for most casesbut yeah, if left untreated it can still kill Yuuki. The aforementioned fungal infection would require stronger medication in people with AIDS than in regular people. Other infections will. All HIV does is kill your immune system, so that you become vulnerable to other infections like the common flu or candida.

I think the true purpose of the medicuboid is so that Yuuki can stay in a sterile environment.

Sword art online

She might not be able to handle the side effects, and so the only thing medical personnel could do was give her enough to not die from either the infection or the side effects. Any chance of treatment? Antiretroviral therapy. Basically, give her HIV medications. There are a ton out there, and more are coming. However, if her strain is already resistant, the best thing we can hope for is that the doctors can manage the side effects of medication and cure her fungal infections.

Some people experience side effects from ART which can be genetic and perhaps Yuuki might be in pain because of the medications that are trying to save her. And the drug cocktails.

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So she became so vulnerable and weak that she eventually lost her life. This has got me thinking whether or not it was the Medicuboid that actually killed Yuuki, weakening her body systems uh… anyone talked about pressure sore? Yuuki, you are both a warrior and an inspiration. Thank you for all the motivation you have given us humble weebs. Hi so I work in HIV surveillance.

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All donated blood is tested multiple times. If the mom contracted it that way anyways, the ARVs would be enough to treat her to get her undetectable literally cannot transmit HIV when undetectable. Even with drug resistant strains of HIV, treatment is still effective.

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Drug resistant strains of HIV are only resistant to specific drugs theres more than 30 available in Babies are also given AZT for at least 3 months and tested until years of age as well. Even the ones with drug resistant strains.

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Theres also this test called the genotype test that literally tells doctors what drugs that persons HIV strain is resistant to. Literally it is. Basically the HIV plot was written approved by anyone who didnt bother to do a cursory google about it. Like Like.

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Hey, thanks for the additional info. Again, thank you for the input.

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Random thoughts on sword art online ii – konno yuuki’s condition (aids)

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