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The media search feature allows you to browse through online GIFs, images and videos and add them to your chats. Select attach. Select Media search.

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Whether it's casually dropped in a text or mispronounced like the peanut butter, the GIF can be an elusive animal.

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So how does it work? When one of your loyal customers share an Instagram story with your brand in it, they may decide to decorate the story with a sticker. They will search through a library of animated gifs until they find one that suits them, then share that post with all their followers.

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So what if you had your own brand assets available for them to use in their stories? Instead of using a generic gif, they could simply search for your brand name and grab one of your unique gifs to add to their story. Your brand is then seen by all their contacts. The biggest gif platform is a company named Giphy — they serve more than 10 billion gifs every day to social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

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If you want your brand to appear in Instagram or facebook searchyou need a verified Giphy. Gifs vs Stickers? Gifs and Stickers are much the same thing.

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Gifs are short animated images; stickers are a type of gif, but with transparency and are available in social media. The way to get your Gifs and stickers appearing in social media starts with Giphy. The tricky step is getting verified.

Each sticker you see on Instagram stories comes from a Giphy that has been approved by the Giphy team. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that your will get verified so it is important that you high-quality gifs, and meet all the Giphy criteria.

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Quick Tip: Giphy like to see social media s that are active. Are you engaging with your followers and posting regularly? This will help you during the verification process.

One of the hurdles that businesses face is having the five-gif-minimum to get started. Downing can help you develop a gif pack.

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Tell us about your business, and the types of gifs you want in the form below. We will then get in touch to give you an idea of the costs involved for Downing to produce your very own gifs.

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Facebook Instagram Vimeo. How to get your own Gifs and Stickers on Social Media. Have you seen the little animated stickers used on Instagram and Facebook s tories? Have you ever wondered how to get your own?

Why gifs are good. How do you get your own branded gifs appearing on social media?

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Hold up… How do you actually pronounce Gif? How to get verified on Giphy. gifs! To get verified you need to at least five gifs before you can apply.

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Scroll down to see how. Verification is not guaranteed, nor is it a quick process—in some cases it can take months for approval.

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So cross those fingers and go enjoy life. We can help you through each step if you need.

I need five gifs to get the verification process started! Popular links About Us Portfolio Articles. Search for:.