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Filipine small hunt for guy Tumblr bikini

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What's her name? Emily Addison and others modeling micro thongs 14 min. Big tit bikini clad MILF fucks one of her son's well hung friends 7 min. Gigantic Tits In Tight Bikini 6 min. Claudia Valentine strip down and get a huge hard cock in her ass and pussy 12 min.

My age: 23
What is my hobbies: Sailing
I have tattoo: Yes

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After 2 weeks there was a total lock down of 2 weeks and only essential needs were allowed. Since this weer we are allowed to go to the office again and they are speaking about the idea of releasing the children from Monday. All models on BikiniFanatics can earn a new bikini every month and as being the owner of BikiniFanatics, there is nothing more fun to do then prepping and personalizing their shipments.

The new collection for my shop - www. Without my shootings I have more spare time now, but I really do miss the beach. Women together are not the easiest. In general, they like to gossip about others, are quickly offended and are not quickly satisfied.

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This is because every woman is insecure. We women think different than men and like to be approached differently. Now it is not only the women that are insecure.

white females Amirah

They fight things out while women stay upset. We women are always busy with beauty stuff while most men hardly put any cream on their face. We women have to be smart, strong, sexy and beautiful. We want men to be smart, classy, sexy and attractive.

Beach life & bikinis

They are not busy with make up, facials and other beauty things such as cosmetic visits at the doctor. We women do a lot and so we expect to be respected. We love to hear compliments. Of course, when a man gives a compliment it is because he thinks she is pretty or attractive and all men want is to fuck. Men skip steps while women need more steps. Now in my world as being an online naughty girl — or as men will say, online slut — I know every comment on my Instagram is a friendly one which is a respectful way from each of them to say they wanna fuck me.

Him: You look so sexy in that dress. Your eyes are super pretty. Thank you for making my day! She: Oh wow I am sexy, this will build up my confidence!

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What a nice guy, who is he? Him: I want to fuck you hard and long She: Fuck off! Who the hell do you think you are!!?!! So educated men know the second example is rude and not how you treat women. For me, it started when I lost weight, become stronger and fit. Then I started to cam on Streamate and that teaches me how to show myself, what is sexy and what is not, when I am at my best and receiving tons of compliments. I will do another boob job within a couple of years, simply because I love big boobs and if possible, I will go bigger.

Voluptuous bikinis

I love a big butt too, but a bbl is not as easy to do compared to a boobjob. It is very interesting though. I am not sure if I have enough fat for it and the after treatment is pretty tough. Also people can die during surgery, so if I want a bbl? I am self confident, I am a business owner, I love myself and small Tumblr want to do with my body in the future is just because I like it.

Like my ink, it is an addiction to do something new every time! Sport regularly, learn how to do your bikini up, go to the hairdresser every month and shine! Smile, as often as you can! Where I come from we never spoke about love, sexiness, or discussed anything. Discussions turned out into fights. When I had the age to learn anything about sex, my parents had a lot of difficulty explaining me facts about it. I had to figure out everything myself about my body. My parents had a lot of fights and they are water and fire, they are so different from each other.

Extreme bikini

Love was never there. At least, me as a kid never saw any love, only a standard kiss when dad came home from work. My parents had just enough money to provide the family decent food, clothes and education. We hardly ate any junk food for lunch or dinner and clothes came from average shops, so this was all good. It was okay, nothing more, nothing less.

But what I know now about food, sports, diets, is nothing compared to where I come from. My parents never did any sports and so I only did what I liked; horse riding. At least not for your stamina or strength. When I moved together on my 19 th I cooked how mom cooked; basic and recipes from grandma.

beautiful whore Cataleya

Nothing special, I just made sure I cooked my veggies and added carbs and protein to complete the meal. Now I know I always cooked too much and the sauces I used were really not necessary!

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When I was 23, living in Spain and gained weight from all the new Mediterranean foods, I started to do bootcamp. To speed up this article a bit; I lost weight, built stamina, added the gym for strength and got my first dietitian. I learned to cook differently, more healthy leaving product out and adding others instead, if I wanted. Sport and a good diet are key to a healthy life.

To understand your body, to have a body with maintenance. It is important to maintain your body from when you are young. When you start at an older age, you first work to shaping up the body and then you maintain it. Like we do with everything.

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Without maintenance your body feels heavy, ugly and out of proportions. I learned a lot in the last 10 years and I finally love my body; curvy, thick, toned, strong and preferably tanned ha ha! I went from chubby to slim, from slim to curvy.

But the risk of dying during surgery holds me back. Sounds perfect, but a very heavy surgery. Without a surgery like that, I have the perfect natural body. Except for my titties, they are extremely gorgeous, but not natural. I would be heavily depressed if I was unable to do my boob-job.

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Nobody is perfect, but it is important to be able to love yourself. When you love yourself, when you feel sexy, then you are able to give the same to others!

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The first thong bikini I bought was not really micro, at least not as micro as I wear them now. My first micro bikini happened by accident. I got a second breast enlargement and suddenly my small bikinis became micro :P So what actually my first micro bikinis was, I have no idea, but I know my bikini fetish was born!

cute female Journey

We love traveling and hanging out with our friends and we are looking forward to another year of fun beginning next month, when we hit the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Posts Likes Following Ask me xx Archive. Being self-secure, what is selflove and how to be confident? Or Him: I want to fuck you hard and long She: Fuck off! Why I had to learn to about self love Where I come from we never spoke about love, sexiness, or discussed anything.

My first micro bikini! Recently Liked.