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I'm vidia girl Tinkerbell like and

Vidia is known throughout Pixie Hollow for many things. Being sly, villainous, scheming, manipulative.

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author. Who begged me to keep writing and gave me the love and support I needed to finish my long journey to write my first book. You always remind me to never give, up no matter how big or small my dream is. Long ago two fairies fell in love - even though it was forbidden for a warm fairy fall in love with a winter fairy.

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And her wings were so beautiful when she flew; Silvermist would give anything to be able to stroke them just once. He is the ruler of the Winter Woods and Queen Clarion's love interest.

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Sometimes Zarina wished she could go back to being a pirate fairy aboard the Jolly Roger. Feel the heat of the sun. Eden had grew up in Aslan's camp, hearing the prophecy that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve would save Narnia.

Disneyfairies stories

This is an important book about a ificant social process. And, it manages to be a fun read, as well!

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She is an incredibly gifted dust-keeper fairy who first discovered Pixie Dust Alchemy. His light tends to have a green-ish tint to it. Terrence is trying to talk to Tinkerbell about there 'relationship' but Tink is trying to avoid him.

Vidia stories

Descendants Fanfiction Harry Hook x OC Terry is the daughter of Tinkerbell and Terrence, a fairy with a passion for lost things, whether they are things or people. Her mind was irresistibly drawn to the other fairy that had caught most of her attention. Tinkerbell's the new fairy in Pixie Hollow and she already has a secret admirer. Our wings too tired to fly anymore, we settled by running in the long grass and rich dark soil. Tinker Bell, also known as Tink for short, is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series.

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A reference guide for stargazers offers star charts and information on equipment, planets, and stellar photography. She's had a crush on a guy named Terence Higgs for a couple years, but when she starts watc Red finds himself facing strange feelings for a certain yellow goldfinch. Sailorplanet97 I think you'll be inspired by it. And it would be similar.

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First was the fairy that flew really fast. It's winter, and Tinkerbell has caught a bad cold after an ice skating accident.

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The s of scoops he gives to the fairies depend on what the fairy will to do or where it will go. I always ship these two.

Tinkerbell x vidia fanfic

Terence is a dust keeper sparrowman. Peter walks towards his bed as I get settled in. I hope you guys can send me a review and tell me how you liked this chapter.

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Periwinkle replied. Just one more Tinker Bell movieHello, I wanted to say, that if we work on a fanfic. Iridessa is a fictional character from the Tinker Bell series. I get under the top blanket and rest my head against the pillow.

Vidia stories

Sled is a Winter-Animal-talent sparrow man. Tinker Bell did not move from her spot, acting as though his comment had no effect on her but deep down, her blood was beginning to boil. Title is self explanatory but still gonna explain for those who don't know.

Upon hearing that Queen Clarion and the Ministers of the Seasons had all fallen to Captain Hook's blade, Tinker Bell took it upon herself to unite and lead the fairies into battle.

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He is a dust-keeper sparrow man and Tinker Bell's best friend. Frozen Fanfiction. She is voiced by Christina Hendricks. Do you believe in love at first sight? When Vidia, a disagreeable fairy, finds herself accused of stealing the Queen's tiara, she enlists the aid of a fellow sprite to help investigate and the two race against time to clear Vidia's name.

He does his best to help Tinker Bell on her adventure however he can. Movie Character. The Disney Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to Walt Disney and his work.

Tinkerbell x vidia fanfic

Tinkerbell was a tinker Tinkerbell - a fixer, a crafter, an inventor, an odds-and-ends-er. Personal Blog. The fairy opened her brilliant blue eyes and yawned. There was nothing but cold. Periwinkle and Silvermist are in love and soon become dustfairies, the human equivalent of dating.

Periwinkle, also known asPeri, is a frost fairy. Like all fairies, Zarina lived in Pixie Hollow - the heart of Neverland. Terence is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series. He sparkles. We are posting here excerpts of Candy Candy Final Story in English, translated from the original text of the officially published Japanese editio A fairly is born in Neverland from the first time a baby laughs, but vidia she arrives everyone is shocked! She was so much like the object of her talent; always going with the rhythm and flow, open minded and free, sometimes excited and fast-paced, other times smooth and easygoing.

Sheila Tubman fanfiction wonders who she really is: the outgoing, witty, and capable Sheila the Great, or the secret Sheila, who's afraid of the dark, spiders, swimming, and dogs. When a fairy comes, and the one who gives them a scoop of dust. He was the one who made Tinker Bell.

Lord Milori is a character that debuted in Secret of the Wings. She is a light fairy with an African-American appearance. Source Terence is one of the male protagonists from the Disney Fairies films.

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Periwinkle decided to look into that later. Acclaimed cartoonist Jenna Ayoub Vidia Time and a heartfelt graphic novel about discovering new friends and new happiness in the place you least expect it. Never Fairies. She wore her hair in a ponytail and she was one of the few fairies that Periwinkle had seen wearing pants instead of capris or a dress. Just a fanfiction, cute one-shot about a night in the life of Tinkerbell and Terence as a married couple. Sure, this certain bird was nice to look Hi dear Candy friends. Here's my take between Tinkerbell and Terence all throughout the Tinkerbell movie series.

He also has a tendency to take things that aren't his, such as Tinker Bell's mouse cheese, or Fira's sparkles. Yes, you read that Tinkerbell, husband! Sort by: Hot. Tinker Bell and the Unknown Season may come in I'm Fairy Cakes Love in fanfiction. Daughter of a mass murder and on of th Lynne Locke is a 16 year old Slytherin, who is outgoing and very competitive.

Beck, a fairy, has a talent for talking to animals, but that may not be enough when she tries to mediate a war between the hummingbirds and the chipmunks. Hope you enjoy! Hope you like it and tell me what you think. And yes, I checked the spelling.

A few hours later the lost boys fall asleep and peter makes me a bed out of a large basket with a bunch of blankets and a pillow in it. Fawn called, startling the water fairy and causing her to drop the last dewdrop onto the head of a ladybug.

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Never Fairies need at least one teacup of dust each day in order to fly. It was composed by Joel McNeely.

If you’re a tinkerence fan (tinkerbell and terence’s ship name) then i recommend reading these fanfics

Silvermist snorted. The gorgeous story of two friends separated by everything in the world—except love. He says it just an infatuation, an interest of sorts. All the sparrows in the dell. Periwinkle gasped and sat up on her bed to see Gliss standing by her open door. Pixie Dusting Terence x Reader by Spiriso.