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24k review Tiani guy to tickling

Here are just a few of the awesome features!

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Launched inLELO have transformed the market with their quality products and discreet personal massagers.

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When I first saw the Tiani 24kI fell in love with it! I love its shape and de. I also love that it is the first toy of its kind to come with couples insurance. Lelo was so kind to offer me one to review!

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Just thinking of it got me excited! I cleared my schedule. Anything to insert a gold plated objects into my vagina. Top 10 Features 1. The Tiani 24k is available in three colours. The Tiani 24k has two vibrating motors.

With the remote, the Tiani 24k has 8 adjustable settings. Without the remote, the Tiani 24k has 6 settings. The silicone is soft, and the internal arm is very flexible. The Tiani 24k has sensemotion remote technology, and has a wireless range of up to 12m.

Need I say more! As mentioned above, it comes with couples insurance, a one year warranty, and a ten year guarantee.

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Make sure to use the charging cable that has been provided with it. Next, give it a good cleaning. I always use warm water and a mild soap. If you have toy cleaner, that will work just fine. You can use your Tiani 24k with or without the remote.

Review: lelo tiani 24k gold-plated vibrator

If using the it without the remote, you will have 6 settings to choose from. To turn it on, press the o button twice. Continue to press the o button to cycle through the 6 pre-programmed vibration patterns.

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To turn it off, press and hold the o button for three seconds. Ok, now using the Tiani 24k with the remote. The remote has a 3 button interface. Alternatively, pressing the — button will decrease the vibration intensities. Press the center button to move through the simulation modes. To turn off your Tiani 24k, press and hold the — button until the vibrations stop. For more information, please refer to the user manual.

I totally neglected the instruction manual which was probably a very unproductive decision because I had issues figuring it out.

Review: lelo tiani 24k luxury vibrator

I ended up just removing the batteries. Even though this toy is considered a couples toy, who is stopping you from trying it alone! Personally, for me to even consider giving the Tiani 24k a chance of receiving a positive review, it has to pass my thirty minute rule. I have to have an orgasm within 30 minutes of turning it on.

What he said

The first time I used it, I managed to have one fairly quickly despite the user complications. Orgasm was a challenge. A huge challenge. I was however able to coax an orgasm out of me by using the Tiani 24k as a bullet, and then applying pressure in and around my vaginal opening. I really wanted to try using it with a dildo, just to compare. I had every intention of using it with one today, but somehow in the shuffle of getting out of the door on time to make my flight, it got left behind. Now I have some homework!

Tiani™ 24k by lelo review

My sex life is suffering. As much as I want to jump my husband, our personal and professional lives have been interfering massively. We are in the midst of selling our home, planning a move and a renovation.

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We are also trying to grow a small business. Oh and lets not forget Christmas. I guess this is life sometimes. Our first attempt, well he was a little tipsy, so between that and my very inadequate remote control skills, we had a rough go. Plus dropping the remote and then trying to find it amongst the darkness, our naked bodies, and disheveled clothing was a daunting task.

Persomaly i think It needs a glow stick attachment! The second attempt started off pretty unsuccessful as well. Midway through I decided to use it as a bullet. This proved to be much better until the vibrating remote started to numb my hand. Off went the remote, and we just used the vibrating Tiani 24k.

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Still no orgasm, but it was much more successful. Plus it can be used from 12 metres away! Think of the fun you could have during review occasions. Travelling with the Tiani 24k This toy is so easy to travel with. Even though I have had much better luck while using it on its own, I could not justify buying it for myself.

Plus I have not been succesful in having an orgasm with my partner while using it. I do blame the remote for some of these problems, and the setting that I do Tiani does not exist. I need full vibrations from the clitoral and g-spot arms at all times, and this product only offers it while juggling the remote in just the right way.

Lets also not forget about the numbing. Difficult toys! I love how you can use this product with or without the remote. The only draw back of letting the remote sit out 24k that you cannot control the intensity of the vibration setting.

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But at least you have options if it gets misplaced, or the batteries die. And trust me, the batteries will die. How could they not, the remote vibrates whenever your using it. As much as I love the de and cleaver marketing behind this toy, I am sad to say that I cannot back it. My complicated vagina strikes again! Please remember that these are my sole opinions, and you might not have the same that I had with the Tiani 24k.

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Review: tiani 24k by lelo

December 17, February 8, I have managed to use it with him on a few occasions. Sadly we were not very successful.

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