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One of my current favorite animations to watch is Steven Universe. Which is made up of gems that are standing against the rest of their race to protect the human race and Earth.

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For more information about fictional characters in other parts of the LGBTQ community, see the corresponding s about pansexualintersexand gay characters in fiction. Much like with gay and transgender characters, representation of non-binary characters is small.

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Eighty percent of non-binary people noted in a survey from Trans Media Watch that they felt media coverage of non-binary characters is poor. Some franchises alleviated that concern. For instance, the Steven Universe franchise, from toincluded various non-binary characters. Furthermore, Sunstone, a fusion of Steven Universe and fellow Crystal Gem Garnet, uses singular they and feminine pronouns [12] and Shep is non-binary.

Shep is the first character in the series to be a non-binary human, is the partner of Sadie Miller. They are a fusion of both Steven and Connie. Steven and Connie identify as male and female respectively, but the gender of Stevonnie is difficult to describe, [14] with series creator Rebecca Sugar describing it as the "living relationship between Steven and Connie.

Steven Universe is only one of the many animated series with characters that identify outside the gender binary.

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One of the first characters was Princess Sapphire in Princess Knight. Sapphire was raised as a boy by their father since women are not eligible to inherit the throne [17] but is actually genderqueer. Many years later, inKino's Journeyfeatured another character outside the binary as well.

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In this series, the protagonist, Kino, was ased female at birth, but has an "androgynous persona," alternating between using feminine and masculine pronouns, while resisting those that attempt to pin a universe on them as a "girl" or "boy. Nathan is a highly steven homosexual man [23] who identifies as genderqueer though he prefers to be identified as a woman at times, [18] often spending more time with the female heroes while flirting with the male heroes.

Izana Shinatose belongs to a new, nonbinary third gender that originated during the hundreds of years of human emigration into space. While animation has various characters outside the gender binary, there are some in other mediums. One of the first was Krazy Kat, in the comic of the same namealternates pronouns, which was syndicated from to Author George Herriman swatch Krazy ungendered, describing the character in private correspondence as "something like a sprite, an elf" with "no sex".

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In this comic, Desire is both male and female, because the character represents everything someone might desire, [34] Many years later, inthe novel Annabel included a genderfluid character. In the film, TheyJ is a trans teen on puberty blockers that needs to decide their gender before meeting with a doctor, with J saying they feel male, female, or neither at various times.

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The actor, Fehrenbacher, was also undergoing gender transition at the time of filming. This character does not have a specified gender in the script since Asia Kate Dillona nonbinary person, came up with the idea of making their character nonbinary while talking with the director.

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Live-action television series included various characters outside the gender binary. For instance, Sam Malloy in the — series, The Richesis transgender and frequently dresses in feminine clothing. The idea for Sam's non-binary gender expression came about before Izzard, a gender non-conforming comedian, ed the show. In the first show, Crowley and Pollution are non-binary.

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For example, Bishop in Deputy is considered the first non-binary character on broadcast television. They run a shop for second-hand clothes and befriends some of the show's younger swatches like Peri Lomax and Romeo Quinn, universe she is a steven of Tom Cunningham, a regular character, and are non-binary.

Apart from the above-listed examples, there are some other characters that stand out apart from the rest. Animation has led the way when it comes to representation. They are voiced by Angel Lorenzana who is a storyboard artist and writer for the show, who identifies as agender and uses the same pronouns. In that series, Double Trouble was described by series creator Noelle Stevenson as a "nonbinary shapeshifting mercenary".

In literature, there are a few examples that stand out. Inthe novel On Steel Breeze featured a non-binary character. In the film, Biaggio states that he doesn't see himself as having a gender. Eleodie is a pirate ruler referred to by either male, female or gender-neutral pronouns like "zhe" or "zher".

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Literature and animation are not the only media which includes such character. Bruce is a fierce genderfluid person who became a fan favorite for those who watched the show.

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The latter is an activist and feminist teenage daughter of Penelope who later discovers that she is lesbian and comes out to her family. They are the first non-binary character in the Star Trek Universe, a highly intelligent character on the U. Discovery, and unexpectedly becomes friends with Lt. Commander Paul Stamets and Dr. Hugh Culber. Literature, animation, podcasts, and TV shows are only some of the places where non-binary characters have appeared.

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The film and musical of the same name, Hedwig and the Angry Inch featured a genderqueer character named Hedwig Robinson. The creator of both described Hedwig as "more than a woman or a man. She's a gender of one. In The Order of the Stickwhich began in and continues to the present day, Vaarsuvius has a deliberately ambiguous gender.

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Berlew states in the commentary of the series fifth book that the Vaarsuvius is genderqueer [] and has no intentions to further elaborate. Angel was ased femalealternating between presenting as male and female, and first appeared in For the first game, published inBolt is genderqueer, meaning they don't identity "fully as either male or female," according to Ted Martens, the artist of this video game.

LGBT portal Lists portal. North American Lexicon of Transgender Terms.

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