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Brigit, a 6-year-old Tonkinese cat, has been caught stealing men's underpants and socks by her owner, Sarah Nathan. Brigit,has stolen 11 pairs of boxers and more than 50 pairs of socks since January, Nathan tells the New Zealand Herald. Nathan has been attempting to returning her neighbors' clothing by placing notes in mailboxes, to no avail.

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The Straits Times published a picture of the lingeried flagpole. There was a flurry of follow-up news reports and commentaries, investigations were done, and action was taken against some students. I was then a student at the university and a resident at Eusoff College, the all-female dormitory a 5-minute walk away from Raffles Hall. The underwear strung up on that flagpole belonged to Eusoff women. Panty raids were a thing then, one of several Eusoff-Raffles annual traditions. We did not then see those raids as an intrusion into our personal space, as a demonstration of toxic masculinity.

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Police officers in the southern Japanese city of Beppu have accused a man of stealing pieces of women's underwear from coin laundries. Authorities were first alerted by an unnamed year-old female college student, who accused Tetsuo Urata, 56, of pilfering six pairs of underwear from her at a laundromat on August 24, per local news broadcaster Abema TV. The city police showed up on Urata's doorstep that week, where they found pieces of underwear stashed in his apartment.

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Urata has been arrested and has admitted to the authorities that he stole the underwear found in his possession, according to Yahoo Japan News. The Beppu city police are currently carrying out further investigations into the incident, per MSN Japan. Several other high-profile cases of men stealing women's underwear have come out of Japan in recent years.

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This March, Takahiro Kubo, a year-old electrician, was accused by the authorities in southwestern Saga Prefecture of stealing pieces of underwear and swimsuits from teenage girls. He was caught when a resident in Saga filmed him attempting to steal a swimsuit drying on a clothesline.

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Inpolice arrested Toru Adachi, then 40, in Oita Prefecture on suspicion of stealing 10 pieces of women's underwear from a coin laundromat, local news site Japan Today reported. The police netted a haul of more than 1, items of female underwear kept in futon cases at Adachi's home when they searched his place.

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Serial underwear theft happens in the US, too. Uda was also accused of stealing underwear from laundromats inper the Daily Beast.

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Cheryl Teh. Japanese police accused a year-old man of stealing pieces of women's underwear. The cops searched Tetsuo Urata's home after a year-old college student accused him of pilfering her underwear at a laundromat.

The local police told the media they had not confiscated "such a large of panties in years. Loading Something is loading.

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