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I spanked uncle for friend who wants turks

The life of emma horan. Help emma go on the happy and sad times of her life.

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Probably my first recollection of spanking being a turn on was nearly 35 years ago.

What is my age: I'm 26 years old
Caters to: Guy
Color of my hair: I have bushy blond hair
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I come from a strange family. Mum was one of ten children. Poor gran; she must have been exhausted the whole time. I bet granddad had a whale of a time though. Uncle Neil was the youngest of the lot. I was eighteen and he was only twenty-eight. I was causing my mum a lot of problems.

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The main problem was that I was eighteen. Like so many people that age I was totally selfish, I thought the world should revolve around me. I disrespected my mother at every turn. I lazed about the flat all day and drove mum mad. My dad had skedaddled after my younger brother was born and left mum on her own to raise two. How could she cope with me?

Uncle Neil might only be twenty-five, but already he was a great success. He had an important job with an advertising agency.

Living with my uncle's (one d

It had every conceivable gadget. He drove a flash Jeep and spent a lot of cash on his clothes and his looks. The expensive facials, haircuts and nail jobs he paid for made him stand out in a crowd.

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He was gym-fit. He tried to encourage me to take exercise — he said I should go running or to go work out.

Niece spanked by uncle

He reckoned it would make me a much happier person. He said when you exercised hard chemicals in your brain changed and it made you feel really good — it was much better than taking drugs. When I asked him about it he flushed scarlet and said he was too busy at work. I reckoned there was some special lady he was trying to capture, but she was giving him a hard time. Who knew, perhaps she was already married; not that that seemed to bother people these days. Uncle Neil wanted me to get a job.

Any job, he said. I whined that there were no jobs, not for people like me who left school with no qualifications. He scoffed. He was having none of it.

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He said I should take any job going, even if it was only part-time. There was plenty going in burger bars and pubs. Supermarkets always wanted people to fill shelves and carry boxes. Once I had a job, he lectured me, I could make your way up the company.

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Or, after a while I could get a better job somewhere else. After a month with me lounging around the apartment in my underwear most of the time, Uncle Neil snapped.

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He gave me an ultimatum. It was, he said, my choice. I had to take some responsibility for myself. We were family; someone would take me in.

I have been spanked by extended family

I pretended to Uncle Neil that I was looking for a job. If I had been a more sensitive type I should have noticed that he was coming to the end of his tether. That happened one night. I had just got my money and I went drinking with mates. I got back late and pretty high. Next day, Uncle Neil sat me down and gave me the lecture. I vaguely knew that at work he was a boss of something.

Spanked by my uncle. who enjoyed it most?

From his tone, I knew he was used to being obeyed. He told you to jump; you asked how high? That was, I guess, the secret of his success. Decisive action. I stared at him. His gaze was steely. He meant it.

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He was deadly serious. If my mum had said something like that I would have laughed and told her where to go. With Uncle Neil, I just gaped. My jaw probably quite literally dropped.

Spanked by my uncle. who enjoyed it most?

What could I say? I looked him up and down. He had the kind of body that had muscles on top of muscles. I was the opposite.

Niece spanked by uncle

I was no match for Uncle Neil. If he wanted to haul me across his knee, he could. I went to my room confused. I stood at the window and watched the yachts and small boats in the harbour below. I had never been spanked in my life.

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The cane had been banned in schools long before I was born — before Uncle Neil was born too — and mum never hit us; Lord knows why not, I deserved it. Uncle Neil was bluffing, I reckoned. He had already said he would throw me out of the apartment; surely he thought that was a bigger threat.

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It was only two days later when he asked me to do some grocery shopping. He left a list and some cash. I got the bus to Tesco and wheeled my trolley around the store. Uncle Neil had been right about jobs. There was a notice near the entrance advertising part-time jobs. Apply within. I pretended not to see it.

I have been spanked by extended family

After I left the checkout, I realised I had more than five pounds in change. It would be my tip for doing the shopping. I stopped at an off licence and spent the money on cheap beer. I was pretty far gone by the time Uncle Neil got home.