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There is an opening scene taking place in Seville in Mission Impossible 2 that is hilarious for its many inaccuracies about Spain, Seville, and its local Spanish festivals. The flamenco scene that follows in the movie is perhaps a bit better flamenco is actually from the Sevilla regionbut it reproduces a common myth about Spain that is, though more subtle, much more pervasive and intractable, that all Spaniards have dark eyes and dark thick and straight hair. The image of Spaniards as dark eyes, dark hair and speaking with a thick lisp is quite old.

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Skip ! It was the second week of my second year of secondary school. I was feeling triumphant — a little cooler than my fresher self, since I was no longer the new girl at my New York City private school. During a free period, my friends and I were sitting in a quiet hallway doing algebra homework. I could see the recipient of the insult awkwardly laughing it off, but my face started burning with anger. It felt like a punch in the stomach.

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My spouse and I welcomed a new addition to our family last spring.

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But we are quick to look past all the fussiness because he is so cute. Our son has been the source of much joy for our entire family ever since we learned my wife was pregnant.

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Before we knew his gender, some friends asked us if we wanted a boy or a girl. We did not have a preference and were just delighted to be having a baby.

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Before he was born, one of our family members started speculating about the color of his eyes and hair. I did not think much of it at the time. His hair whenever it comes in might end up being red, or a bit reddish. Who knows? But, over the months, this family member kept bringing it up, even after my son was born. My eldest son, who just started high school, took biology over summer. Both my wife and I have brown eyes.

Unphased, this family member continued to express the preference. At first I was perplexed. Then I was annoyed. I thought it was a bit superficial, frankly. Afterall, whatever the color of his hair and eyes, we will love him just the same.

It is not like we can control it.

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It only recently dawned on me what I was missing. This family member is Latina. She is a Baby Boomer and came to the United States with her parents when she was. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Perhaps, when she moved to the United States, others judged her for the color of her hair and eyes—and skin.

The spanish myth of dark eyes, dark hair: what is the typical spanish look?

Every year, from Sept. I remembered that, despite being fluent in Spanish, this family member did not teach her own child to speak Spanish. Maybe what she is expressing with the hair and eye color preference is a desire that our son not face the same prejudice she did. She seems to have a desire for my son to have an invisible Latinidad so that he is protected from judgment.

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Sentiments like hers are precisely why we still need to observe Hispanic Heritage Month. Those dates coincide with the independence days of many Latin American countries. Personally, I have not always embraced Hispanic Heritage Month. I am from the Dominican Republic, but grew up in the Southwest. My white friends always seemed confused that, while I spoke Spanish, I was not Mexican.

It is important to recognize and celebrate that history, especially in the church, where the majority of Catholics under 30 have Latin American roots. And there are a lot of traditions. Most countries in the Western Hemisphere are in Latin America, yet immigrants from these countries often get lumped together.

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In addition to Spain, Latin Americans also trace their ancestry to the indigenous and to Africa. Still, however imperfect, Hispanic Heritage Month highlights how Latinos have been a part of the development of the United States for centuries in places like Florida, California, New Mexico and Colorado.

And it is important to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month because some of us, like the family member I mentioned, seem to be ashamed of our Latinidad. Whatever the color of our eyes or hair or skin, these 30 days are a time to take pride in who we are, recognize the contributions we have made to this country and know we will always have a role to play in the history of the United States.

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Pope Francis receives Speaker Nancy Pelosi in private audience. Pope Francis: Synod calls us to become experts in the art of encounter. Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology. Franciscan Volunteer Ministry. Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services. See all Classifieds. The latest from america. Nothing leaves Jesus indifferent; everything is of concern to him. Pope Francis October 10, The synod is intended to involve all the baptized—bishops, clergy, religious and laity—at the diocesan and continental levels.

Joseph Donnelly, pro-life Democrat and former U. Joseph Donnelly, 66, served in the U. House of Representatives from to and was a U. Catholic News Service October 09, Like President Biden, Speaker Pelosi is Catholic and has been attacked publicly by some American bishops for favoring abortion legislation.