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Filipine son fan guy especially anarchy flirts

This article or section needs expansion. The show got a lot of praise for using Hamlet as inspiration.

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A comprehensive guide to the best SOA fanfic on the web. Jax and Tara. Destined — What if Jax had been the one to flee Charming after high school, leaving Tara behind to scrape together a life without him? What if work brought him back to his hometown a decade later? Would he be able to make amends with his family, his club, Tara? Leaving the Past, Onto a Future — Jax and Tara developed a love so strong in high school that it withstood ten years of separation.

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Summery — After being in a relationship with Happy for almost 2 years he finally brings his girlfriend to the club and everyone is a little surprised to see how far she is from what they were expecting. It had been a little over three years since you started coming in a few times a week to help Mrs.

Lowman with her errands or just to keep her company. You took the job as a home heal aid the help you put yourself through nursing school. It crept up on you both. One with a serious temper and drug habit that was getting out of control. Lowman was beside herself at the sight, she adored you, and before too long she had called her son in the room.

Happy was none too thrilled to see you in such a state and that day he became your knight on shinning Harley. What happened to your ex that day you did know, and to be honest even all these years later you had no desire to know. Within just a few weeks you and Happy had started some strange relationship.

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He was so far from the type of men you normally dated and you were the furthest thing from his normal type but there was something about your odd coupling that just worked. Things became serious quickly, just six months into the relationship you moved in with Hap and his mom. Nearly two full years into the relationship, having just graduated nursing school, you got a job working at St.

Thomas as a NICU nurse. Wearing his cut and holding a shopping bag in the other. His tattoo covered hand resting on your back. Happy chuckled softly as he leaned down and peered at you as he lifted the pillow off your head. As you contemplated what such an invitation meant you bit your bottom lip and eyed the bag that Hap had brought in with him.

Sitting up slowly you leaned against the head board and crossed your arms in front of your chest. Happy shrugged and reached out and cupped your cheek. You and Mom will be protected that way if I end up back inside. He leaned back and shook his head.

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Slowly you peaked in the bag and small smirk played on your lips as you felt the smooth, old leather of the vintage leather jacket as you pulled it from the bag. Usually only when he did something he knew upset you and usually it was flowers or the occasional piece of jewelry.

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This was more than just an apology. This was him making you apart of his world. As you look up at him, the jacket laid across your blanket covered lap, you grin and nod. It had been at that point for quite some time.

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As you turn around and look up at him as his eyes narrow in on you. He looked almost worried about what your answer was going to be. You shrug and smirk nervously. He broke the tender moment when smacked your ass with his other hand.

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It took you far longer than necessary to pick out an outfit from your clothes that would not make you stand out quite so badly as you felt like you would. A pair of tight jeans, the only pair you had left from your collage days that you had tucked away in the back of your dresser. You dug through your tank tops and pulled out the one black one you had that happened to have some reference to the Death Eaters from Harry Potter. You laughed a little but pulled it on over your head before slipping on the jacket that Hap had just got you on before you walked out of the bedroom.

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Hap was sitting on the couch next to his mom who was watching TV. Her hospice nurse had just arrived so now was as good of time for you guys to leave as any. You walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

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The times that Hap had taken you out on his bike before were usually short runs. This was the longest ride you had been on and when you pulled into the parking lot of Teller — Morrow you were relived to be able to get up and walk around. As you got off the bike you looked around, there were quite a few of the guys and their wives and girlfriends there already. Taking a deep breath you tried to calm your nerves as you pulled the helmet off your head and handed it to Hap.

Hap reached out and placed his hands on your hips. You could feel your cheeks flush. You wanted to turn tail and run, this was such a foreign world to you. You had grown up in the suburbs, the worst thing you had to witness growing up was your father being a drunk asshole. You tried not to think about this part of his life, you just focused on the life you had been working so hard to build together.

Turning around you recognized Tara right away from St. She was one of the few surgeons that were extra kind to the NICU nurses. Tara smiled bright and had a slightly confused look on her face. Happy stood up and greeted Jax Teller. Happy just nodded and you smiled nervously. We see each other how many times a day?

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As soon as she was sure you were out of ear shot of other people Tara started to ask more questions than you had ever expected. You laugh nervously. You glanced back at Happy who was standing talking with a group of men and Jax. Tara smiled and put her arm around your shoulder. One of the old ladies that you met was a very pretty blonde girl, close to your age, named Lyla. You smiled nervously and nodded. Tara reached out and placed her hand on your arm.

She almost seemed embarrassed that she was certain about what you did at the hospital. As you nod, you smile softly. Tara knew it and gave your arm a gentle squeeze.

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Lyla smiled and nodded. You shrugged and glanced over at Happy who was standing behind Jax as he talked to a couple of the prospects. Letting out a long sigh you looked back at Tara.

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Lyla leaned in as you continued. So I told her come spend the weekend up at our place. Just get out of Stockton for a few days and come chill with big sis type deal. Happy glances over his shoulder and sees you three deep in conversation and gives you a little smirk. Oh you would not be smiling if you knew the story I was telling baby… You mused as you gave a little chuckle before continuing. Hap hates seeing girls cry. Like if I want to get my way with him, I turn on the water works and he will bend over backwards to make me stop.

Tara and Lyla laughed as the both glanced over at Happy, who did not look too happy about the looks the women were giving him. Most people would hear that your boyfriend went to go get one of a small arsenal of weapons that he kept hidden under your bed in shoe boxes and question your sanity for being with that man. Here these women got what it was like to love the same type of man you did and understand what it was like.

It was a moment of liberation that you never knew you needed. The kid was terrified. Needless to say he now treats my little sister like a princess.