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This is supposed to be a secret that no one outside his Mafia-style family knows, but when he finally comes out of the closet to Oscar the alleged shark killer, his confession has no surprise value. But they face a lot of competition for short-attention spans, including a boring angel fish who secretly loves Oscar Renee Zellwegera dragon fish who turns into a vengeful femme fatale Angelina Joliea pair of Rastafarian jelly fish Doug E. There are many other distractions.

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Religious Right activists leave no stone unturned in their hunt for hidden homosexual messages in pop culture.

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Narratives of marginalization have been crucial to the thematic consciousness of animated films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the slick CG kiddie films of today. But as good-intentioned as they may be, the most frustrating aspect of this narrative trope is the suffocating bathing of allegory many of these characters receive.

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The characterization of Lenny in the context of the film is important here. In a political atmosphere in which queers are increasingly gaining agency and winning countless victories in the marriage debate, Hollywood thinks itself sneaky and subversive by throwing a character into a kiddie movie that could be read as hold your breath!

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Memo to Dreamworks: Inyour audience gets it. The problem is that by hiding representations of queers, be them human or shark, under a pathetically transparent veil of allegory reinforces queer-dom in culture as something that is adult, pornographic and too controversial to address directly.

The answer is, naturally, sex. Hollywood has a long, troublesome history of representing homosexuality as an all-encompassing identity.

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In other words, Hollywood saps queers of any notion of a fluidity of identity—they must be gay every single second. The key problem is the underestimation of audiences.

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Hollywood may be liberal, but only in the most politically correct sense. Want to keep up with breaking news?

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By Clint J. FroehlichFroehlance Writing.