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How old am I: 39
Sexual orientation: Man
What I like to drink: White wine
I prefer to listen: Classical
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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This man can make you feel ALive! Like the female, this guy wants everyone to fall under his spell. He wants everyone to want him, he wants everyone to do him. But damn is he fun. He can relish the simplest things and life and make them seem newsworthy.

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Life is a blast with this man. They are usually frank and honest but sometimes that hurts. His curiosity is insatiable, he just wants to know everything. He is a perfectionist.

Sagittarius man in bed

And he loves to get on a plane and just go anywhere! What better symbol to represent the Sagittarius man than an Archer. Are you the one that can tame this man? The easy-going side of his character is matched with an uncontrollable urge to move. If others understand the duality of Sagittarius, it is much easier to appreciate their wild nature.

7 key things to know about the sagittarius man in bed

Jupiterthe planet associated with good fortune, growth, and prosperity, rules Sagittarius. Sagittarians are egocentric, generous, and very upbeat, like their ruling planet. He has a sense of unabashed pride in himself, sometimes bordering on conceit. Sagittarius needs to live life to the fullest to the point of being carefree or fearless. Sometimes, he forgets that rules apply to him in his desire to fully experience everything life has to offer.

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It is not unusual for him to have many loyal and devoted fans. There may be some challenges you need to overcome before you can capture this man.

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It is impossible for a man who burns so hot not to be a fire. Here is a man who enjoys life to its fullest. There is a raging fire within him that moves at a blistering pace.

The sagittarius man in bed: what to expect and how to turn him on

Their recklessness causes harm to those with a delicate or passive mindset. The good news, however, is that he uses the flame within him for good. He is incapable of hurting anyone.

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His desire is to use the fire within him to ignite the lives of those around him for the betterment of all. In order to harness this energy, you must learn how to tap into it. It is possible to keep up with this man if you can do that.

Sagittarius man in bed – what you need to know

Without learning how to take advantage of it, you will be unable to keep up. This will be more likely because they have a drive or desire to try out or experience more than most people.

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He gives advice based on lessons learned in life. He is rarely influenced by what he re or by speculation when it comes to how he thinks. You can relate to his frequent impulsive behavior if you appreciate that he only speaks from experience. Sagittarians are definitely a mutable.

An open-minded individual, he is always ready for change. His flexible nature allows him to live a more fluid lifestyle and deal with whatever comes his way.

The sagittarius man in bed: what to expect and how to turn him on

He is always willing to try new things, and as soon as he has completed them, he searches for his next challenge. In the event of a change in circumstances, he is capable of changing his decision even after having made up his mind. He truly believes each of those moments to be true. If casual affairs are not for you, male I suggest you sagittarius walking! There is no malice in this man. How to Attract a Sagittarius Man.

If you love to travel and have an open mind, then a Sagittarius man is the man of your dreams. Sagittarius men are optimistic and positive people, so even during sad days, a Sagittarius man can help make everything seem sex. To attract a Sagittarius man, you will need to be socially interactive and believe in him and his abilities. When you meet your perfect Sagittarius man, make sure to correct him gently and never be condescending or you can scare him away.

Sagittarius sex & seduction

These men like to be stimulated with travel and open-minded conversation. When you strike up a conversation to attract a Sagittarius man, talk about politics, love, or even religion. The Sagittarius male is calm and relaxed and he can talk about just about anything without getting angry.

Even though they can be serious relationship partners, Sagittarius males sometimes have a disorganized or messy lifestyle. Make sure you are supportive of his request and let him have some downtime. To attract a Sagittarius male, you can never be too oversensitive or needy for attention.

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Sagittarius men are impulsive and spontaneous, so you need to be spontaneous with them. They are great to travel with and enjoy unique places and cultures. To attract a Sagittarius man, you will need to be his friend first and the relationship will bloom into love later.

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for more about Sagittarius In Relationships. This is the type of man that looks at love and relationships like a sport. Once he finds somebody that he is male interested in, he will go the extra mile to do everything he can to impress the woman that he likes. And in this case with you, let him do that. The one thing that will really get this guy interested is a woman that has a very fun spirit. If he is really interested in you, you can sit back and relax as you watch the Archer do his thing to gain you.

As a Sagittarian, he truly loves to communicate. You can keep him interested in you by having deep conversations about things, but also by throwing in some humor into the mix. He loves to talk about many different topics because he likes to expand his mind and thinking, and romance is something that he will sex be interested in sagittarius about.

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Sexually speaking this is a guy that is very affectionate by nature. The act of sex is considered to be a sport that he likes to conquer. The important thing to know though is sex on its own is not enough to hold this guy in a relationship. Just as a note you need to really be patient with this man.

Sex with a sagittarius

It might take some convincing in the future to get him past that. Move back and forth over that area with your hands and your mouth. Sagittarius was, no doubt, the one that created the Mile High Club. The key is to keep things spicy. Hey, life is a party with a Sag so bring on the whipped cream.

Sagittarius man in bed – what you need to know

Turn Ons: Fearlessness. If a woman is gutsy, independent, and easygoing, if she has a good sense of humor and lives in a different city, you can have the best of both worlds — freedom and partnership. You need lots of space, few questions, and endless excitement. Turn Offs: A princess. Life is too short to sweat details like relationship anxiety, emotional blackmail, and who made the last phone call.

for more about Sagittarius Sex. This is a guy that was born for adventure. He thrives on things changing in his life all the time.

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