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Extrovert lady cosplay up boy to payday

Old Heister Suits Dorpenka.

passion girl Raegan

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Search Engine for 3D printable Models.

How old am I: 26
Ethnic: I'm indian
I prefer: Hetero
Iris color: I’ve got dark green eyes
Languages: Spanish
I prefer to drink: White wine
Favourite music: Heavy metal

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cutie prostitute Maggie

After been thinking about this for a while and kinda want to make myself a Bulldozer costumes, I wonder how is best to solve the helmet problem. Anyone got any suggestions on how to make an helmet, or something that looks like a dozer helmet?

Payday 2 bulldozer cosplay

Okay, so using this as reference. Maybe you could use a biker helmet of some sort? That's all I can say right now, I really don't know how you could create the rest too. And biker helmets can be pretty uncomfortable in cosplays too. Making the rest is not that hard when you got some experience in making clothes.

lovely personals Sabrina

My friend cosplayed a Skulldozer, he just modified a military helmet. Seriously though, my local hiking shop sells camo clothing and helmets.

talent babes Brittany

I am pretty sure no motorbike shop here in Iceland will have military helmets for sale, I'll check with the some of the local motorbike stores or some online store if that fails right after I found the right fabric and padding for it. Logged in crime.

fit girls Malia

Found the internet! Bulldozer cosplay.

horney floozy Alaina

Sort by: best. Yeah, I will try to find some sort of helmet. Do you know what kind of helmet it was?

Payday 2 sale

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