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Host story Naughty boy for secretaries

There are times when my body rebels against me and gives me away. Today was one of those days. He sighed and twisted his hair as he looked at his computer screen, his usual antics while under pressure.

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I like to think I took the comment as a challenge, and that was the only reason I wanted to pursue him, but the truth is I found him pretty hot. He had the blue eyes and big build I always go for, not fat, but thick and strong with muscular arms. He was definitely my type. I knew he was right about me though.

Years old: I'm 29 years old
Ethnic: I'm from Germany
Color of my hair: Long scraggly white hair
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
Body type: My figure features is slender
My hobbies: Sports
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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Home » Couple » The Sexy Secretary. Hi to all ISS readers. Well, Mannu again with new story and hope you all will love this story and do hope that you all will share your views on [ protected]. To be very true to you allI am yet to find the right female to meet her and share all her and mine feelings. May be one fine day, I may meet her. I am in business and I thought to feel this story like this. Anita is my secretary.

The secretary (18+)

She is married and her body is perfect in each and every way. It was 6. I called my secretary over intercom to find whether she is prepared with the report for tomorrows meeting. She said she has the final report. I asked her to show the details. She walked in and put the file before me and she leaned across my desk to forward to point out the relevant details on the documents in front of me.

As she explained I realized that I was not following her but was staring down the front of her blouse. Leaning forward as she was, her story hung naughty open at the front allowing me to see her bra and the top of her boobs. A bit embarrassed she blushed and straightened up. Your husband is a lucky man. I am sure that is why he seems so happy and content. I like to stay in shape for Shanker.

About 2 years ago Anita had asked if she could help out with the office administration work on a part time basis. I was happy to give her the job as my secretary had left abruptly. Shanker was away on one of his secretary business trips at closing time I asked if she would like to have a coffee with me. We did this from time to time, especially if Shanker was there. It was always a pleasant way to ease out of the work day.

Since Shanker was not naughty she happily accepted my offer. I and Anita sat on the couch in my office and chatted happily as we sipped the ice cold coffee I had taken out of the boardroom fridge. I take it as a story that you still find something attractive in an older woman like me!! She said that it made her feel good that even though she was nearing 40 that she was able to stir some reaction in me who was nearly 10 years younger. She was quite taken aback. Her uncertainty showed as she answered me. She responded with a non-committal giggle. Anita, I have had limited desire for other woman but you cause something to stir in me.

I would really get a thrill out of seeing you with you blouse off.

I need to see a sexy woman like you!! Although still uncertain, she relented.

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She said she had not been with another man. And looked deep into her eyes as I slowly undid each button, as if trying to assess her feelings about what was happening. I could read everything in her eyes her excitement level slowly rising.

Having undone the last button she gently but firmly pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms to just above my elbows. Embarrassingly her nipples hardened further in response to my comments.

She felt flattered by all my compliments and leaned back in the couch deciding to let me enjoy the view for a while. With her arms still restrained by her blouse she could only just sip from glass, and had to be careful not to spill. But I really should not be doing this. Her instinctive reaction was to stop me, but she was restricted by her blouse and the glass in her hand. Many woman 20 years younger than you would love to have a body like yours! She gasped as the powerful stimulation rippled through her body.

Her nipples immediately turned rock hard. She quietly admitted that it did feel good. I smiled and gently I reached up with my other hand, fondling both boobs.

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I gently fondled both boobs as I admired them. She let out little moans of pleasure uuuuuuufffff please its not right aaaaahhhhh …as I caressed the sides and underneath of boobs and sighed more deeply as I softly tugged at her nipples. Or do you want to submit to your sexual arousal? I really should not.

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I always think it looks so sexy when woman do that. I leaned in to kiss the side of her neck. Take your skirt off for me. I let out a low whistle. You look so incredibly sexy wearing just that tiny little panty.

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Does it turn you on? I took her to the couch. She was more than ready to submit to more pleasures from me, so she readily lay back with her head the one end and my feet over the other edge. As she lay back I sat on the edge and leaned forward and took one of the boobs in my mouth. Having given the one nipple expert stimulation, I moved my mouth onto the other one and gave it the same erotic selection of sucking, licking and gentle nibbling.

Ahhhhhhh mmmmaaaaaaa!!!


I lifted my head slightly and smiled at her. She eased her legs apart to give me free access. I desperately wanted to feel my hand on her pussy. I gently stroked all around the panty covered pussy and then slowly applied a little more pressure over clit. She opened her legs even more to give me the best possible access. She said that she had not felt this aroused in a long time. She was on an erotic high and heading towards a huge orgasm. I think you are a sexual submissive deep down.

You stripped quite willingly for me today. Yes pleeeeease aaaahhhh I feel like flowing I want to cummmmmm uuuuufffff. I am so turned on!!!! I groaned. Please just make me cum. I slid it in and out a few times then stopped, keeping her right on the edge. I plunged 2 fingers right up to her sopping cunt.

Just a few thrusts of my fingers naughty with thumb on her clit took her over the edge. Her body shook and she yelled yesssssssssss………. Are you hard thinking about it? You gave me a fantastic orgasm. I owe you one at least. She pulled my pants along with my brief at one go. She stood in front of me with her back against the door, preventing me from going further. She pushed me on the table and pushed the foreskin of my rod and licked it, the sensation was terrible. She licked my balls… I said, what are you doing aaaahhhhhh never felt like this oooohhhh you are doing wounder.

She took my cock into her story and started to suck it faster. Within a few minutes I said I am secretary to cum and I want to fuck you if you oblige.

The brave secretary

She started bucking her hips like someone possessed until I started thrusting with my pelvis, within just a few strokes, we both moan loudly uuuufffff mmmamamamama cummminggg feel it aaaahhhh yes feel it ooohhhhh and we came almost together, with her announcing loudly that she was coming, interspersed with obscenities. Clearly she had grown tired of the quiet sex we had been having all afternoon, and was making up.

For it in one go.

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