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Fear Factor is only one episode into its rebirth and already has angered one contestant. Monica and her son are none too happy it was implied their relationship was inappropriate!

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The adrenaline-driven show was adapted from a Dutch show, Now or Neverland. Hosted at first by UFC commentator Joe Roganwho's brushed celebrities like Miley Cyrus the wrong way in the past, the show aired on NBC from to and is the very first installment of the Fear Factor franchise. Over the years, it would be on air on and off, and see a change of hosts, with rapper Ludacris taking over.

The show finally came to an end inafter airing on MTV. In its early years, three men and women were pitted against each other.

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The final years saw a change of format and involved four teams of two people each. To revive some of our favorite memories from the show, here is what ten of the winners have been up to:. A post shared by Noel Holmes fearnoelfactor. Noel Holmes appeared on Season 2 of the show. As ofNoel Holmes, the winner, shares memes with his Instagram audience and expresses his passion for cooking and DIY. Ari Strum appeared on Season 1 of the show. Ari Strum emerged as the winner.

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Ari went on to become a screenwriter, credited for Everyday Day Is Beautiful. A post shared by Mike "The Miz" Mizanin mikethemiz. Professional wrestler Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, alongside his then-girlfriend Trishelle Cannatella, appeared on a Fear Factor edition that featured reality stars. Matt Thornton was one of the first-ever winners on Fear Factor. He also went on to participate in The Weakest Linkwhich featured the first eight contestants on the show.

Matt proved to be the best amongst the best.

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He transitioned to the world of film and is an actor and director known for Silverfish29 Light Yearsand Psycho Soliloquy. A post shared by Matt Hardy matthardybrand. Matt Hardy participated in a celebrity special of the show. The celebrity version followed the same format the show had at the time, except the celebrities played for charity instead. Amongst the celebrities who appeared over the seasons were Alan Thicke and Kevin Richardson. Matt Hardy competed and won against five other WWE contestants.

Hardy has consistently reinvented himself as a professional wrestler. Nick Watts appeared on the very first episode of Fear Factor. He went on to be a winner and earned himself the chance to make a guest appearance on the all-winner version, The Weakest Link. Nick Watts played the role of Braden on Twice Today. Doug Woodbury appeared on the fourth episode of the first season of the show.

Doug emerged the winner and later appeared on The Weakest Linkwhich had an all-star cast from the first eight seasons. According to hisDerek Warriner considers himself to have retired from reality television.

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He won a episode of the show and also participated in The Weakest Link. Since then, Derek found interest in sales and was based in Miami as of He worked for LUXE magazine as a regional sales director and had over eight years of experience as of His time at Fear Factor was not left out of the. At least it was recognized. A post shared by Trishelle Cannatella trishellec. Trishelle is also a playboy model and a poker player.

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A post shared by Jeanette Jenkins msjeanettejenkins. Jeanette also hosts a fitness show on Lifetime Television and is a regular contributor on Weighing Ina Food Network show. Jena could have been the wife of Jason Derulo's dreams, but fans knew better.

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Nataly Owala is a seasoned writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her writing career debuted on Magazine Reel, an online campus news site.

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She's written articles, newsletters, PR content and has managed to co-author and edit a few books while at it. Writing, to her, is a passion that has taken a life of its own. When she's not posting on TheThings, she is buried in a good memoir, over a hot cup of coffee. To revive some of our favorite memories from the show, here is what ten of the winners have been up to: advertising. View this post on Instagram. Via Star Trek: Voyager.

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Via 'Straight to the Bone'. Via 'Fear Factor'. Via 'Six Sex Scenes and a Murder'.

'couples fear factor' finale draws best 'fear factor' ratings ever

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