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I gay up vick that like shoes

The thing about the year is that computers are relatively cheap and anyone can sit down and hunt and peck their way to tell any story they want.

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Michael Dwayne Vick is a former American football quarterback. He loves for the sport started while he was in college at Virginia Tech and was selected by the Falcons as the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. D uring his six years with the Falcons, Vick was regarded as having transformed the quarterback position with his rushing abilities and was named to three Pro Bowls. He holds the record for the most career rushing yards by a quarterback 6, and the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season 1, Vick first came to prominence while at Homer L. Ferguson High School in Newport News.

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Of course, it isn't true. After all, it's a Global Associated News story Global Associated News being a website that allows you to create your own fake news stories.

Michael vick net worth: biography, wiki, career & facts

But it looks real enough to have been convincing quite a few people. Update May 7, : As this rumor has continued to spread via the internet, Michael Vick felt compelled to call into a radio show in an effort to end the gossip.

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Sports Websites Posted on Tue Apr 27, Comments I don't think that it is fair to start a rumor that is very untrue. For me not to know Michael Vick as well as alot of folks, I still don't believe he's gay. So what if you can't stand him cause you know he's the best quarterback in the NFL. Im only 17 and can't wait till i turn 18 so i can meet him.

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If any haters really wanna know how i feel, please feel free to me at. Thanks for your time Tangie Denise Clark. On Behalf og the Lady that has brought shame to Michael Vick, you need to quit how do anybody know that you didn't sleep with anybody else. I mean look how long it was before you realized that you had Genital Herpes. Every Since You waited until the man ed for the million dollars then all of a sudden you wanna sue the the man.

Let the man live his life. It's bad enough they put out the man was gay. And found out that that was in fact a lie.

I believe that he told you he didn't want you and you plotted some little scheme to scandalize the man name. What you need to do is relive yo past and find out who gave you that little nasty ass disease cause i know that it wasn't Michael Vick. Thank you very much. I dont appreciate Elliot stating that Vick gave her genital herpes. I dated Vick in and I get checked every year and not one time has my pap ever come back with an STD.

I cannot believe that you would put this shame on such a good person.

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He is a little hoe, but I know Vick and I know he is the type of person that would have told someone if he had something. The guy is right you waited until he ed that contract and than decided to sue. I know the Doctors do say that symptoms dont show up right away but come on now it has been close to 3 years.

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Get for real. You just want his money. Vick if you do read this you should know who this is speaking on your behalf. I told you that as long as you mess around on me that there is going to be someone out there that will get you for your money because I was not one of those females. Much love. Michael is the greatest player their ever was i don't belive that he's gay not even one second!!!! Posted by tahala on Wed Aug 10, at PM. Like red said one of michael's old girls That dumb hoe elliot she need to take a fucking condom and go to hell!!!!

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She waited 3 years then said vick give her herpes she just want some of that money but not in this lifetime. I love you michael vick. Posted by brianna on Mon Jan 09, at PM. Maybe, Maybe not. But, Vick RUN! For all of you, learn god, damn English! Get your butt back in school, dumb ass. I mean you have to understand the situation in a whole nother aspect.

I think that it was just a mistake that the both of them made. And now they are both paying for it. He knew he had herpes before he slept with her. And she knew she was having unprotected sex with him too. So it's both of thier falts. And not just one person. And Michael Vick isn't gay. He acts too straight.

Michael vick isn’t gay

I really feel that you have to be so careful. I really do not think she wanted the money. She was just inlove with him. I am an x of an NFL player.

'vick is gay' story a hoax

And they our out there man!!! I mean crazy on a totally diffrent that just an ordinary man who cheats. So I just feel that we as woman have to protect ourselfs. But sometimes we get weak and that is not good.

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We need to start going off of action. Not words until we see that these men our serious than we take our test show each other and then move on. But men our weak because you can date them and the first thing they try to do and I men try is to go in the raw.

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That is sick I am like no baby!!! If they are trying to do that with you that is how they roll. Big red flagggggggg. To all you women be carefullllll. Mickael Vick I know you didn't give that girl bitch herpes. I love you to much to hear people talk about you like that. When people say that I just tell them to get off your nuts. When they or people say that they be like its not my fault that he got it. So don't pay any off them haters no mind.

Love U Alway. Posted by Nadia a. We're still going to beat the Atlanta Falcons. I mean jesus. Did you see them play the Saints?

Is michael vick gay?

And we kill The Saints. All you Atlana fans remember the Cincinnati Bengals. Michael Vick is definately gay. Peyton Manning is so much better and is not gay. Gay people can't be good football players.

Marcus vick 'warning' players of possible 'fruit tarts'?

That is why Vick isn't any good. Because he is gay. Posted by vick is gay on Sun Oct 15, at AM.