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Elite samus chief Master especially for chat

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SurelockeHomes : You can share your opinion, I don't mind. I vote for Samus because all I think it would take is just one screw attack to masterchief to kill him. I don't get mad at people for their opinion's. I think to myself like "How or why could they think that. Eventually one person would normally agree with the other. But we could probably go s and s on who would win.

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I think we'd all win Whoever wrote this article severely underestimates Spartans. Especially a II. Saying MC is at a disadvantage in intelligence? S-IIs were intellectual prodigies with IQs way above average. Disadvantage in agility? Add to that augmentations for near instantaneous reaction times, unbreakable bones and superhuman strength even without armor. And no mention of AI under "special abilities". The only advantage I'd give Samus is that the arm cannon beats an AR, assuming she'd ever land a shot considering how slow the projectiles travel and how insanely fast MC can dodge them and how experience he is at dodging plasma which functions identically to the arm cannon during a 50 year war.

Oh and she can curl into a ball and hide inside a wall for all the good that does her in a fight. Samus doesn't stand a chance in hell. Whoever wrote this article knows nothing about the subject. Actually in one the more recent comics master cheif maxed out at over kph. Though he actully tore his muscles doing that. I don't fully agree.

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Especially When it comes to Agility. In the game, he isn't really agile but in the books, he and the rest of the Spartans don't have a problem with it. In fact, they don't find the Mjolnir armour a burden when they need to do stuff like that. A lot of people don't realize that Spartans are very different in the books and lore than the games. They would be really over powered if they were realistic in game.

This article only goes over things from a game standpoint, especially in regards to agility. It's solid canon that Spartan-IIs are insanely fast, even in their armor. Taking lore from both characters into consideration, we get the following:.

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John is a seven-foot human male with augmentations to his body that increase nearly every aspect in regards to physical power and speed. Coupled with his armor, he has the strength to flip large vehicles and deliver some of the hardest punches possible.

He has slain legions of an alien empire that use technology far more advanced than he generally has access to, easily making him the most hyper-lethal human being in the Halo universe so far. These augmentations allow her to survive on alien worlds normal humans would not be able to, as well as make her far more agile and flexible than she would be without the augmentations, even able to transform into her morph ball shape.

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She's capable of melee combat, but tends to avoid it, as her strength is not heavily changed from a normal human. Her weaponry and tech is sufficiently advanced, moreso than John's, but this doesn't seem to be represented in her armor, which can still be damaged by primitive life forms. Speaking of, Samus usually finds herself fighting off alien wildlife and occasionally space pirates. Her notoriety in the galaxy comes from her ability to go to hostile planets and completing tasks, rather than fending off massive empires.

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Honestly, I am a fan of both games, and I have to say John is far more likely to come out on top. He's too much of a killing machine compared to Samus, and would only require closing in to point-blank to secure the win. Even stripped of their armor, Spartans pose immense threats to their adversaries. Hardened bones that are nearly beyond breaking, densified muscle tissue, vastly improved reflexes, all at the paltry cost of their libido.

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Teenage Spartans clad only in black cloth are able to palm-strike a two-inch-deep dent in steel armor, and nobody bothers to calculate their lethality when matured to adulthood and encased within their Mjolnir. John's only real detriments seem to be psychological, in that he views himself as a means to an end a tool. It's abundantly clear he can put these issues on hold for a continuous campaign spanning decades and battles ensuing for hours upon hours.

So would Samus have time to find and exploit his Achilles Heel? So, what if Samus used her plasma whip to catch the Chief and melt his head?

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Or used her Morph Ball bombs to trap him then blast him? Or used her Zero Blast to immediately incinerate him? Those are all very situational ways to kill master chief. What if chief stood from a distance and fired br rounds at her heard a few times? And given the time it takes for the beam to fire, it would leave her extremely vulnerable.

As for intelligence. Subject was selected as an intellectual prodigy at the age of 6, his innate intellectual capabilities as well as his physical capabilities surpassed every other child in the human gene pool.

Spartans were screened across over world, hundreds of billions of children were selected and tested, and only the top 0. They -are- at the absolute best of humanity and are at the top of the gene pool. They were superhuman from the start and fiercely intelligent.

Their physical capabilities matched or surpassed those of Olympic athletes at adolescence. He wasn't just some kid unlucky enough to survive an alien attack.

Haloid: master chief x samus

It is an engineering marvel, force amplifying ts not only give Spartans immense strength, it makes them incredibly agile. And by incredibly agile, I mean horrifyingly fast if you were the one being hunted. Now, back to the average Spartan's reaction time. Whereas every other human in existence lives a few hundred milliseconds behind reality due to the way our nervous system works, every human is at a disadvantage in comparison to a Spartan.

When a Spartan is operating in perfect sync with MJOLNIR, they are living at the absolute edge of reality, they are experiencing reality as it happens, not simply watching the past as every other human does. They do not experience the latency in reality that every other human does.

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The point that I am making is that Spartans are not simply walking tanks. They are the apex predators of the samus race, they are intellectually and physically a step chief what a human being could ever be. Their very consciousness exists on a different plane that we do, we watch reality as it unfolds milliseconds after it happens, they experience a level of existence that we could never even begin to comprehend.

They are terrifying post-human beings that move faster than we ever could, stronger than we'll ever be, and see and interact with reality in ways that we could not even begin to comprehend. Even their minds, their very minds are wired as warriors, the master reason they exist, the only reason they live and breath is for combat, it is all they have ever known, from the very start, they had no purpose, no dreams, no past, and no future except for what they were bred to do. This is why they are held with such reverence by the human race in Halo, and this is why they're feared by even the most battle hardened soldiers they fight beside.

In so many ways, they aren't soldiers, they're living, breathing weapons of mass destruction.

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All the Chief really needs to do is destroy her armor. Not saying it will be easy but the Chief can do it and when that happens the battle is over. In simple terms, I think the biggest difference between them is Samus has more advanced weapons, but John is much faster. It would be a hell of a fight. Not with Promethean tech.

Forerunner's technological capabilities far outweigh the Chozo. MC is easily the most over-powered FPS game protagonist. He's basically Captain America with power armour and energy shields.

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ing up for Halo Insider. Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago.

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Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Gotta love Monty's animation. Continue this thread. I have never so much wanted a crossover game in my entire life. Also, they are all incredibly intelligent. Taking lore from both characters into consideration, we get the following: John is a seven-foot human male with augmentations to his body that increase nearly every aspect in regards to physical power and speed. Were it so easy. Some people seriously under-estimate Samus.

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Gauntlet Team. Haloid look it up. Halo 3. Samus to be honest, but not without some difficulty. More posts from the halo community. Created Jun 17, Top posts march 7th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.