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Let me preface this article by saying I know country music. I love the genre as a whole, and I appreciate all of its sub-genres as well. My roots go back into bluegrass and folk, and my personal breed of country is outlaw country and southern rock.

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He even took time to an autograph. Johnny Cash made him realize he wanted to be a musician. Though the venue only held a few thousand people, it felt like an arena to him. He was immediately hooked.

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Trigger Reviews Comments. You may ask yourself, if you dare venture onto the radio dial these days to partake in the popular country channel, why the airwaves are filled with something and something performers like Keith Urban soliloquizing about teenage and young adult life? Well the answer is demographics.

There are way more human beings out there living regular lives, raising kids, and looking forward to retirement than there are pimple-faced teenagers trying to get laid.

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But those teenagers and young adults are the ones the advertisers covet. So ultimately this trickles down to the artists of popular country music, who are solely employed to lure these spend-happy younger consumers to radio to keep the mainstream country music system flush with ad revenue. Ripcord is a synthy, shallow, rhythmic-centric gaggle of immediately forgettable efforts that is obsessed with the doings of early adulthood in an unhealthy manner for a year-old perfomrer, and offers absolutely no type of statement or expression either sonically, lyrically, creatively, or otherwise.

What is the moment when he contributed something lasting to the genre that changed its direction, and will be remembered for generations?

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Instead, Urban seems to be an expert at making mild efforts that are just sedate enough to be safe entertainment for the masses, and has sold millions of records now without ever doing anything of lasting value. Though his music may be unremarkable, maintaining his career at such a high level for two decades now while not really contributing anything has to be lauded as a remarkable feat in itself. Ripcord starts out with eight seconds of a solitary banjo. This album is so electronically-infused throughout, it gives Sam Hunt a run for his money for the most non-country country efforts ever released to the public.

There might not be a single live drum hit on any of the 12 tracks of Ripcord.

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In other words, Urban only went electronic when it became the most mainstream and safe thing to do in country music. Ripcord spends the majority of its time trying to get laid, and elucidating on a very narrow window of life Keith Urban is 30 years removed from. It tries to convince the audience that to get the girl, you first have to get the truck.

And then adds a multi-generational aspect to this misnomer by telling the story of the son of the guy who got the girl because he got a keith, urban around to beg his dad to let him borrow the truck so he can get laid and get a girl pregnant as suck. Even when Ripcord tries to get deep, the production ruins it.

However it does expose that Urban can sing decently, and from recollection, listeners may remember he is respected as a guitar player.

I know it sucks, you guys don't need to thumb down or tell me, i didn't want it to be good. i did it to kill 10 minutes so yeah

But little to none of that is showcased on Ripcord. Ripcord is a mess, and presents Keith Urban as the ultimate country music tool. On this recordKeith Urban is nothing more than a vessel for focus group-tested and data-driven producers to make hyper-catchy rhythms to unlock the highest commercial potential in an aging franchise name that we all know will eventually succumb to the inherent ageism of the industry. Whiskey Pete May 11, am. Andrew May 11, am.

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Seriously, he has no business trying to play country music. At least Luke Bryan is a real farm boy not that you would know that from his music. Benjamin Beard May 11, pm. Before his career took off he actually spent time working on a ranch. And his early music was very good.

Lachlan May 11, pm. Listening to this album right now and I feel sick. Jack Williams May 12, am. And people who love country music should make country music, be they from upstate NY, Australia or a city…btw Nashville is a city. Are you feeling oppressed?

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Shut your face wimp. Acca Dacca May 11, pm. You need to chill the hell out. What about Charley Pride?

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Would you tell him he has no place in country music? By the way, he was born in New Zealand. Whiskey Pete May 11, pm. Oh you have got to be kidding me. Is that person your girlfriend or do we have pair of sensitive nancies? It was what we call figuratively speaking. As in stop typing nonsense.

I mean stop typing. Can you wrap your head around that concept? What the hell is wrong with you? I dislike Keith Urban.

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He is from apparently New Zealand. SteveG May 13, am. Boho63 May 15, pm.

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He may have been born in NZ but considers himself a Caboolture boy. I as a Kiwi am grateful he does not mention his place of birth. His cousin Karl has more style and manners and has a hell of a lot more talent. I think I used the term appropriately. But please, continue keith the generic school-yard name calling. That guy is neither, not worth the time. Well actually seak05 and I did not have a real difference in opinion from his second comment. You called me a bigot. So it appears it went to definition 2. I just said Keith Urban is terrible and he needs to go away.

You decided to be a knight in shinning armor with a misplace sense of internet commenting justice. Good for suck. If you want to seem professional, you dress professionally, etc. Excuse me while I go bust a gut. RD May 12, am. Trigger May 11, pm. Australia and New Zealand have some excellent true country music artists. Kent May 11, pm. In the beginning of this video one of the singers says that their Steelguitarist have played with Gram. Is he Neil Flanz? They were more or less obsessed with him, in a way only teenager can be… Back in They sang a cover of him on urban concert and they were always trying to persuade people to start listening to him.

Country star keith urban and actress nicole kidman attended an iron maiden show and loved it

If I find more info I will let you know. Oh thank you very much, I would really appreciate it. If it is him, it feels a bit like a circle being closed…. Hmm May 11, pm. Whiskey Pete May 12, am.

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You just spent that entire post pointing out a not so worthwhile simple typo. Fantastic Acca fucking Dacca. You two clowns had to come in here all high and mighty and think I hate Australian musicians.