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Scot smell love the for ball

The moths are deterred but so are your friends!

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I love science, me. Without it we'd never have been able to comprehend what at one point were life's great mysteries.

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Men sniff their fingers after scratching their balls because it makes them feel alive

Fall, winter, spring or summer. Chances are, your balls probably smell.

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Or, simply, in close quarters, like in a hellishly crowded train. Summer and sweaty weather may be gone, but ball stench still remains, especially when guys layer themselves with unbreathable clothing.


Mostly, we can blame ventilation and how we as a modern society opt to wear things like skin-tight briefs. When in tight quarters, poor air circulation to cool the cajones is prevented, which eventually le to sweat.

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Lots and lots of sweat. Good news for mankind and womankind, for that matter!

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This odor-eliminating crusade is addressing this pervasive problem head-on, finally allowing all men to be free to jump, run, sit and yes, just bewithout being so self-conscious. From anti-microbial underwear, to cleansers, sprays and creams, achieving fresh balls is finally possible. The easiest way to curtail odor?

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Be hygienic. Sounds easy because it is. Whether bar or liquid in form, both will do the job. A recommendation is for those who are extra prone to smell to cleanse their bodies multiple times in a day. An easy rule of thumb that should go without saying: The more the area is kept clean, the less chance of bacteria festering and rudely making itself at home.

This is probably the most difficult part of the entire process but possibly the most important.

Why some people love the smell of gasoline

Keeping the area extra dry. Then, apply your favorite cream, spray or powder.

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Choose from your preference below. For those of you who are more evolved than Gold Bond powder comes this new brand, Chassis. Simply cup the product in your hand and dip it in the powder. Keep these in your back pocket or in your wallet for emergency situations. These days, savvy brands are now introducing materials that keep you fresh and cool with anti-microbial fabrics that fight off bacteria.

Help! my balls smell!

Mack Wheldon offers a line specifically combining pima cotton with silver XT2 fabrics, which makes for a soft underwear with anti-odor properties that keep you fresh, dry and cool. Buck Naked The brand, from Duluth Trading Company, is stretchy and super comfortable with its almost silk-like feel. MeUndies is a subscription model that sends you new underwear essentially every day.

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The underwear comes in new styles and truly, are super, super comfortable. Real Life. Sex and Dating. Art by David Yi. Company Press About Term of use.

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