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Added by julie on 14 January Get all the players to sit in a circle, except for one person who must stand in the middle of the circle. The aim of the game is to not miss out on a seat and get stuck in the middle.

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Children build community as they learn more about one another while having fun and being active. If your session has time, play this game immediately after the Opening as a warm-up for learning a song in Activity 2. Invite the children to bring chairs into a circle.

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This is a card game well, really a card and dice game that is perfect to teach .

Youth group games

It can be hard to find games that are equally fun for young kids as well as older kids and teens, and this one really fits the bill. I grew up playing this card game with my family when my grandparents came to visit. This game works with 3 players, and my kids will sometimes play it that way. You can have any of players from 4 to 8. Each player will get 10 cards from the same suit. They should arrange them face up in front of them as shown below.

Each player will also get some poker chips. You can decide how many, and it depends on how long you want the game to last. I would recommend 10 for families with young kids, and 15 if you want your game to last longer.

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When we have played with 10 chips each, players are starting to be eliminated in round 2. The first player will roll the dice. Then they will flip over the card that matches the rolled. Jacks are 11, Queens are During game play, if a player rolls a that they do not need because that card is already flipped overit will go to the next person who needs it, going clockwise around the table.

How to play help your neighbor - a fun family card game

The player who accepted the roll ALSO gets to roll and take their own turn. As the game progresses, a player will likely roll a that everyone has already flipped over.

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If that happens, they keep rolling until they get something that they can use, or someone else can use. During game play, anyone who rolls a 7 puts a chip in the pot. This ends their turn. The first person to turn over all of their cards wins! Each player puts a chip in the pot for every card left face up. Then the winner gets ALL the chips in the pot! Then you can continue to round 2, etc. Once a player is out of poker chips, they are out of the game. Here are 15 Card Games for Families — these games are perfect to play with kids and adults together.

Thanks for sharing!

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This sounds fun and pretty doable even with the littler kids So much fun! Modified the game a bit for preschoolers Also helped with manners Thanks neighbor! My family of six just played. We had a blast! All ages, 8 through 18, all had fun. Thanks so much, we will enjoy this one again!

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This would also be great for elders in a daycare setting because they usually have varying degrees of dementia. Most of them naturally gravitates towards helping one another out. When someone is rolling the dice do they continue to roll until there is nothing to turn over, or do they only roll one time and then pass the dice?

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If they roll a that they need to turn over, then they turn the card over and pass the dice. If they roll a that they don't need but someone else needs, then the turn goes to that person. They DO keep rolling if they roll a that no one else at the table needs. I hope that helps! Thank you for posting! This is the game I remember playing at my grandparents house with my cousins.

I've been looking for the rules so I could teach my. So excited to finally find them! I remember playing at my grandparents house when I was growing up.

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I loved it. Of course my grandmother loved playing cards.

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I didn't realize this was on here and just needed a refresher course. Forgot about the chip part of it. Thanks for sharing. Love it. You don't put out the 7 card, lay out 2 through king, but skip the 7.

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Whenever you roll a 7, you put a chip in the pot. This is a game that I could have my students play to build our classroom community vibe! Oh, the fond memories of playing this as a kid with my extended family of all ages back in the s and s! It was a big hit for the of us who opted to play it at the long dinner table after a Thanksgiving feast. I never forgot the fun nor the name of this game but I DID forget how to play it long ago and by then the older generation who did know how to play it had passed. So I'm very pleased to see this well-organized set of rules so I can play it again with extended family again someday!

And we all did make sure to say "Thank you, Neighbor" at the right time as noted in the third post. That was also fun to do because we kids could be creative in how we said that! Say everyone only has one card left. When someone wins the pot do they put the winnings aside and continue to round two with their remaining 15 chips or do they add their winning chips to their first 15?

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They add the winning chips to what they had at the end of the round. No one ends up still having 15 at the end of the round because you will inevitably roll a 7 at least once and put a chip in the pot. This will be a great game to introduce to my special needs young adult daughter. I look forward to trying it soon!!

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This looks like fun! We are going to play after dinner. It would be awesome if you had a printable of the rules of the games on your site. I play this with my aftercare group. They love it thank you for a new activity! Thank you so much! Looks like a fun game to play with my grandkids when they come over. Thank you!