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Nyx, the deceiver, controls the minds of her enemies to turn them against each other. Her abilities include mind control, which allows her to sow confusion among her enemies, causing them to attack each other.

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Warframe School. Nyx is a Warframe that is often overlooked compared to other frames of the current meta but for those that use Nyx, she is known for being a tank and as a disruptor of the battlefield. Nyx is the psionic Warframe that uses her psychic abilities as powerful tools to fight against any foe. Nyx can force an area of swarming enemies to fight each other while she watches in her impenetrable psychic bubble.

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She uses her psychic powers to take control of the battlefield, making her very useful when it comes to crowd control.

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Farming Nyx Prime While she was technically not unvaulted, the relics required that have been released have made farming her and her ature weapons a lot less of a headache. Follow this guide to know which relics to be on the lookout for as well as what materials to have to craft each one.

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Gallium is considered a rare resource, but is quite easy to come by if you stick around in an Ophelia Survival mission on Uranus. That node is the gold mine for some of the less common resources in Warframe.

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Luckily, you do not need to use too many to build Nyx Prime. Building her ature Scindo Prime and Hikou Prime is a much different story.

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Should you not want to farm for Nyx Prime, you can always purchase her via the Prime Vault program through your specific platform. The second year of the Nights of Naberus is here, and so are all the cool prizes to stock up Warframe is now in its second year of celebrating the Nights of Naberus.

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Halloween events usually came in With the weekly refresh, that Digital Extremes is kicking off the month of October in Warframe with an event to fight against breast cancer. Connect with us.

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