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Below are some helpful tips for keeping your piercings happy and healthy when inserting or removing jewelry. For detailed information on how each type of jewelry works, see our on different jewelry types. At Infinite, most ear piercings along with nostril, eyebrow, and lip piercingsare done with press-fit jewelry.

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You want to see if nipple piercings do add a new dimension to your intimate moments. Any of these can make anyone impatient and want to know when the best time to change a nipple piercing is. A post shared by Federica Cavallaro? Changing your piercing before that proper healing has taken place will cause a setback in the healing process. You can only change the piercing under exceptional circumstances, such as if the piercing is too long or it keeps moving.

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Even then, get the professional to do it. If you have any concerns, you can have them examine the area to determine what kind of nipple ring you need to change to. You can do anything you wish; the question is, would it be the best thing to do?

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In this case, changing your nipple piercing ring after a month is not a good idea. Changing the jewelry will lengthen the healing by a few weeks. Only change the jewelry the piercer put in after the nipple is completely healed. However, if you need to wait for the six-week mark to change it, and even then, go back to where you got the piercing done to do it for you as taking the initial nipple ring can be difficult.

After, expect a longer healing time than six months. If the nipple is completely healed, yes. They might charge you for the service and the sterilized products they use during the changing process, but it would be worthwhile. The best time to change a nipple piercing is when it is completely healed.

Changing the jewelry before will prologue the healing time.

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The ring should also move or rotate freely without causing any pain. There are quite a few telling s of whether your nipple piercing is infected. The area will be red, swollen, and feel warm or hot. If the infection gets worse, it can cause a fever as your body begins to fight off infection. However, if you have a white fluid or crust, that is normal.

Your body is producing lymph fluid and a of the body healing. When you get an infection, you can use some home remedies to cure them and only see the doctor in case the area worsens, or you develop a fever. A saltwater solution can be used to clean the infection about five times a day, and go down to twice a day when you see s of improvement. Remember, you should never touch your nipples when they are healing.

The other thing that could happen to your body is if the body rejects the piercing. Also, when the inflammation continues for a long time, then it could be an indication your body has rejected the piercing. You should see a piercer immediately when these s manifest.

Yes, letting your nipple piercing breathe is an integral part of aftercare. For the first few weeks, consider wearing loose cotton tops or t-shirts that will not press on the nipples. Depending on your cup size, women are recommended to wear a sports bra when going to sleep. Everyone is different; therefore, do what you feel is the most practical and comfortable for you. Getting a nipple piercing comes with a lot of commitment that not everyone initially understands.

Leave it alone until it is fully healed.

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The most common cause of infections when it comes to nipple piercings is germs from our hands, and when it comes into contact with bodily fluids. There will be ample time to do what once the area is healed.

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For now, you and your partner would have to forgo anything that would introduce an infection. You can either use a cotton swab with a saltwater solution or soak them in a shot glass using the suction method.

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The solution that you use works fine. How soon you get to change the piercing does have a lot to do with the aftercare.

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Otherwise, keep an eye in the piercing for any changes that might worry you. For more piercing tipsvisit this for more.

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