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She is the eldest child of Francine and Stan Smith. Hayley, has a younger brother, Steve.

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Roger has a lot of impressive skills on American Dad! But he is also a master of disguise, creating personas so in-depth that somehow people don't notice he's an alien.

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In "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" has Hayley wear sandals while wearing a strange looking outfit at Church and when she's wearing her normal clothing. In "Stan of Arabia: Part 1", Hayley is seen with sandals while wearing a robe as she and the other Smiths are now living in Arabia. Oddly, in most scenes she appears to be wearing regular shoes.

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In S6E16 "Jenny Fromdabloc" a young Hayley wearing purple sandals and is barefoot while brushing her hair. In S8E6 "Adventures in Hayleysitting" she is barefoot while on the couch and a close up of her sandal feet when she is pressing the pedal. In S9e9 "Vision: Impossible" a few close up of Hayley's sandal feet, including one with also shows her heels.

Hayley dreamsmasher smith-fischer

Also the sandals are dark brown instead of Tan. From Drawn Feet Wiki. HayleySmithSleepwear 1. HayleySmithSleepwear 2. HayleySmithSleepwear 3.

Hayley smith (american dad!)

Francine and Hayley's feet on snow. Hayleycloseupsandals 2. Hayleycloseupsandals 3. Hayleycloseupsandals 4.

Hayley d. smith-fischer

Hayleycloseupsandals 5. Hayleycloseupsandals 6. Hayleyslowmoclosesupsandalfeet 1. Hayleyslowmoclosesupsandalfeet 2. Hayleyslowmoclosesupsandalfeet 3. Hayleyslowmoclosesupsandalfeet 4. Hayleyslowmoclosesupsandalfeet 5. HayleySmith MineSturggle.

HayleySmith MineSturggle 2. HayleySmith MineSturggle 3.

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HayleySmith MineSturggle 5. HayleySmith MineSturggle 6.

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HayleySmith MineSturggle 7. HayleySmith MineSturggle 8. HayleySmith MineSturggle 9. HayleySmith MineSturggle HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 2. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 3.

HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 4. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 5. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 6. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 7.

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HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 8. HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party 9.

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HayleySmith Death by Dinner Party HayleySmith S14Ep11 2. HayleySmith S14Ep11 3. HayleySmith S14Ep11 4. HayleySmith S14Ep11 5. HayleySmith S15Ep11 2. HayleySmith S15Ep11 3.

Definition - hayley dreamsmasher smith

HayleySmith S15Ep11 4. HayleySmith S15Ep11 5. HayleySmith S15Ep11 6. HayleySmith S15Ep11 7.

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