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They say behind every great man is a great woman, and though this saying is rather sexist and outdated, it holds true for the first married couple in the world of Dragon Ball : Goku and Chi-Chi. While Goku has trained and fought to save the world over and over, Chi-Chi has been there to keep him in line and make sure their sons grow up to even better men. She's also been pretty supportive at times They're not exactly the most normal couple - he's a demi-god-like alien warrior and she's a princess from Fire Mountain - but they've made it work over the years. The relationship between Goku and Chi-Chi spans almost as long as Dragon Ball itself, and with how long the two have been an item, there's a lot of things fans might have forgotten abut the couple.

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Ahh, poor Chi-Chi. Of all the women in the Dragon Ball franchise, Chi-Chi might be the most interesting case. Born a princess to her intimidating yet gentle father the Ox-King of Fire Mountain, Chi-Chi grew up longing for a man to marry and to continue the cycle of royalty. Nothing could have prepared her for meeting the monkey boy who stole her heart somehow seriously how did he manage that Goku.

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After riding on the flying nimbus with the naive martial artist, she made him promise that he would one day marry her. Being the idiot he is, Goku didn't know what that was and blindly agreed to it. After not seeing her for years, they finally meet up again and Goku fulfills his promise and weds Chi-Chi. They would go on to have two children.

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But that's all stuff you probably knew. Chi-Chi gets a lot hate in the Dragon Ball community for being an overbearing, irrational and nagging hag. While some of this criticism is justified, Chi-Chi has seen and been through a lot of awful things over the course of her life. In this article, we're going to go into some of these secrets some fans might not know about.

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There are plenty of fingers to go around for these dark facts including her own husband, his friends, and even her creator. Here are the fifteen dark facts about Chi-Chi that you don't really want to know. Fans of Dragon Ball oftentimes try to mind read the creator of their favorite anime to know why certain decisions were made or why he seems to clearly hate Vegeta because blah blah blah.

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While it was true that at some point in time Toriyama wasn't fond of Vegeta, the prince got off easy compared to Chi-Chi. In an old interview fromthe author of Dragon Ball spilled the beans about his thoughts on Chi-Chi. Thanks to Kazenshuu. On the whole, Dragon Ball Super has been well-received by the fanbase, but it isn't without criticisms.

One of those critiques has to do with how Goku's character seems to have regressed to the point where instead of just being a naive man, he's more akin to a pure buffoon.

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Things weren't helped by this little nugget of info he dropped. He then admits to Vegeta that he has never done this to Chi-Chi. Frankly, at this point, I'm surprised Chi-Chi didn't get a smooch from Master Roshi just to get some action. Fan art is the closest we're gonna get to a kiss.

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So we already know that romance isn't Goku's thing and that he's never kissed Chi-Chi because he finds it gross. Well, if he can't do that, he might as well put his admiration for Chi-Chi into words just so he can make his wife feel good. Well, he has done that For nearly the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise, we never hear Goku tells his wife that he loves her.

Now for most couples, that's something that you say every day. But not for this monkey to who romance is still a foreign concept. We only hear Goku say the magic words at the end of the Buu saga after he defeats Kid Buu. I mean I guess it's a sweet moment, but it's more of an "about darn time" moment. Master Roshi once stated that the one thing that Goku is afraid that is stronger than a Super Saiyan is his wife Chi-Chi. No, mostly this is just for her explosive anger because obviously, she can't fight a Super Saiyan.

That, however, hasn't stopped her from trying to fight her entire family.


Her fight with Goku takes place in 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and while she can't lay a hand on our goofy protagonist, she certainly tries. Goku eliminates her from the tournament with an attack that with just its wind power knocks her out of the ring. Years later she fights Gohan during the maligned Garlic Jr.

To North American audiences, and especially to the kids watching Dragon Ball Z when it first aired in the west, they were perplexed by Chi-Chi's reasoning as to why she hated the look of the Super Saiyans. Their blonde hair looked amazing, why would Chi-Chi call them delinquents? Well to be fair to Chi-Chi, this is an opinion that is not exclusive to her.

In Japanese culture, excessive individualism is seen as disrespectful so if you have a visual key that separates you from the "normal" Japanese look it can be a problem. Not many Japanese people are going to be seen with natural blonde hair thus blonde hair is seen as a of rebellion in Japan.

So basically don't blame Chi-Chi, she's just a product of her environment. Chi-Chi's father Ox-King isn't exactly the main character or even a second tier character like Master Roshi, but he does make enough appearances through the franchise that you at least remember that he exists. You might be wondering where the Ox-Queen is though, Chi-Chi's mother.

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Well, about that The reason why we've never seen her is that she is deceased. In the same year that Chi-Chi was born, her mother passed away to an unknown disease. Since it was due to that, the Dragon Balls are incapable of reviving her.

As if Chi-Chi hasn't been through enough hardships, she has gone through her entire life not knowing the woman who gave birth to her. Just throw another shrimp on the tragic barbie, why don't ya, Toriyama.

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Fans who haven't watched Dragon Ball might only know Yamcha as a pathetic loser who got destroyed by a weakly Saibaman. But come on now, Yamcha had plenty of victories in the original series. Like that time he beat up a young girl named Chi-Chi Well to the defense of this Z Fighter, Chi-Chi was the one who started it. As she was fleeing from a rampaging dinosaur intent on eating her up, Chi-Chi got rightfully scared and threw her head blade at the beast and chopped it up good. Yamcha who was just a wandering bandit at this point went up to her and complimented her on that but as she was told not to talk to strangers fired a laser beam at Yamcha.

Defending himself, he knocked her out. Yay, Yamcha? Judging by the headline for this slide you might think that I'm talking about their fight at the World Martial Arts Tournament that we talked about before. You see my friends, Goku is kind of a bumbling oaf. As a result of a lack of formal schooling, he lacks some basic life skills such as knowing the difference between a boy and girl.

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Instead of asking somebody, Goku instead has to touch their area to discover if they're a man or not. He did that to Bulma and he also did it to Chi-Chi.

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Unlike Bulma, Chi-Chi wasn't used to this stupidity and knocked him off the flying nimbus. She then still thinks he's cute though For anyone who has felt that Chi-Chi has been an ungrateful wife to Goku and that they would gladly be the wife of the strongest man on Earth, well I have to ask you if you're prepared to go on a date with Goku.

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That date isn't going to be heading out to the movies or go for drinks with the Saiyan warrior. You know exactly what it's going to be. In a flashback to her first date with Goku in the episode Gohan's First Datewe see Chi-Chi making the mistake of telling Goku that a date is the most pleasurable thing you can think of sharing with someone. Of course, Goku thinks it's fighting and almost knocks Chi-Chi's head into a tree. They have a sparring match and while it's cute I suppose, it also shows that being Goku's lover isn't a picnic. We see a lot of projectile attacks in the Dragon Ball franchise, but never really any guns and it's pretty obvious why.

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When you can shoot Ki attacks that can devastate planets from your body, carrying around a firearm is pretty pointless. But for those like Chi-Chi who can't fire energy blasts, they can still be packing heat.

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There are two times throughout Dragon Ball Z where Chi-Chi brings out her armory in an attempt to rescue Gohan from danger. The first time is when the Saiyans arrive on earth and Gohan goes off to fight them with Piccolo and the others. The second time is when she tries to fly off to Namek and bring Gohan back home.

Motherly instinct is stronger than any Super Saiyan transformation, I'll tell you that. Well, if there's anybody who can match Chi-Chi in terms of rage, it would have to be the shorty Prince of Saiyans himself, Vegeta. So why is he so mad at Goku in this photo?

Let me explain.

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Goku, in a rare display of intelligence, tries to bribe the old guy by offering pictures of or a kiss from depends on the version you're watching a pretty girl. Not offering up his own wife, though I suppose we should give him credit for thathe instead offers Bulma.