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BunnyFuFuu is a professional gamer and streamer who is mainly known for participating in League of Legends tournaments and streaming for Cloud9. He ed C9 as substitute support for tournaments, but he ended up deciding to do streaming on a full-time basis for this eSports organization. In latehe ed Cloud9.

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You must be logged in to comment. Please or register. Your votes and comments encourage our guide authors to continue creating helpful guides for the League of Legends community. Deceptively tough lane just because of how broken Riven is. She never runs out of dashes and can pull of some truly bs maneuvers meaning you need to play twice as smart to beat her. Flay will interrupt one dash though she will have three more. Q can be used to interrupt her combo. Thresh can avoid a lot of bad trades with Mundo by standing in the minion wave, blocking his Q. Auto him fairly frequently so he's too low hp to run at you and win.

You can't overextend vs him post 6 as he can run you down.

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Thresh should beat him in teamfights by being more useful - although ificantly squishier. Fiora can chunk you but, due to her lack of sustain pre-6you can chunk her. Stand near walls when she ults. It will prevent her from getting a 4th proc of your vital - possibly winning you the fight. Although you can also just ult and walk away - the slow counters her movement speed buff. Fiora instantly wins any trades by parrying you, which is hard to avoid if she has good enough reactions to do it whenever you E. You can't beat him. Just survive. He will hit you a lot so bramble vest will help reduce that healing.

The good news is while his lane is brutal, its almost exclusively physical damage which Thresh scales well against. As a result, you are probably stronger in teamfights than him with plenty of disruption to lock Aatrox down. Poppy can be challenging because of her high amount of crowd control, tankiness, and damage.

Don't force too many trades and avoid getting knocked into a wall and destroyed. She can pull off some frustrating towerdives.

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Gnar is a pretty annoying champion with plenty of mobility, damage, and crowd control. He's also tanky. His ult can throw you out of your tower so be mindful of that. He mostly does physical damage so stack armor.

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She's like a ranged Nasus in terms of how playable she is for tanks. Pre-6 she is absurdly weak and you can bonk her whenever you want. Post-6 she gains a huge amount of range and sustained damage making the lane very bunny. She can be shut down with crowd control. Darius is difficult because you'll never be able to fight him after lvl 2 assuming foo levels his E.

If he doesn't then lvl 3regardless of your build or how ahead you are. While you do outrange him you foo only poke very early on lvl and when his E is down. Still, he can Q in the middle of your auto and win the trade.

This matchup is a 5 if he takes ghost and a 4 if he does not. Garen is pretty weak in the earlygame. You can bully him league during this time, just auto him constantly and flay when he tries to Q you. He has an annoying interaction where he can Q even if you flay him a second too late so keep that in mind. His ult will do a lot of true damage, but this is soft countered by the dozens of free grasp procs you can get on him as well as overgrowth. Flay him away or box to make him useless in every teamfight.

Tryndamere's annoying because he can spin on you and chunk a lot of hp with his autos especially if he crits. He also has a pretty good heal that allows him to survive most of your poke.

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Still, you beat him very hard early like Garen so poke him constantly and flay whenever he tries to go in. Once he's 6 ult and flay him away. Then re-engage once his ult is down - or is about to run out - and kill him. He's a splitpusher so you want to get ificantly ahead so he can't powerfarm and catch up. Grasp or aftershock build with bone plating works fine. Build a frozen heart and thornmail. They will block a lot of his auto damage, reduce his attack speed, reduce his Q healing, and give you CDR to deal with his low spin CD from navori quickblade.

Everyone complains about Gangplank being annoying to play against. This is no different for Thresh. His early poke is strong and it only gets harder from there.

Lategame he's hard to deal with due to his huge AoE and his ability to cleanse any of your cc including your hook with Oranges. Outdamaging him is out of the question, just try to lock him down so your team kills him for you. Broken, obnoxious mage. Teamfight king and also extremely good at poking.

Take aftershock and second wind and look for all-ins with your jungler.

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You'll be hard to kill but you have to get there first. Even locket is a decent option to deal with it. Olaf kind of just runs at you and kills you and there's not much you can do about it.

Unplayable lane after lvl 6 and you should dodge. His windwall counters your hook but can't block your autos, allowing you to poke him constantly.

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He has armor penetration from his ult and his passive can block a lot of damage early on. But you can cancel his dashes with flay and hook if he's not expecting it and he has no way to block your R damage - or slow. If either of you gets ahead it's very hard for the other to come back. Malphite is a melee tank with one poke ability - his Q. This will do strong poke and combined with his foo boost, is oppressive to play against. So oppressive that he can potentially poke Thresh out of lane, owing to your lack of sustain.

His ult is a league as it cannot be dodged without flash and has strong base damage. It also makes him much stronger than you in teamfights. Mordekaiser foo annoying for Thresh to deal with. He is bunny as tanky, does more damage, and is hard to itemize against. He is also difficult to gank post 6 and can force you to trade with him via his E which also gives him magic pen or his point and click range ult. Poke him early levels in between his Q and E and ask for a gank.

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Ult when he ults, it will keep him away from you allowing you to survive. He's like the AP version of Darius, but with lower kill potential. Thresh has some outplay potential on Renekton. His dash animation is extremely fast but if you anticipate it you can deny his entire engage. Your autos slightly outrange his Q and Renekton is very weak early. You can poke him a bit during this time. At lvl 2 he wins all trades unless you flay the engage. Thresh will aftershock will beat him but grasp Thresh can do so as well although its riskier given the lack of defenses for his engage.

Bone plating is essential to mitigating his engage. Back off when his rage bar is up as it increases both his healing and damage allowing him to potentially pull of a low hp all in.

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