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Session recording is a qualitative research tool that records browsing sessions of website visitors in real-time enabling you to watch the recordings at a later time to glean deep visitor behavior insights. Such data enables you to make confident business decisions that are logical and data-backed. You can always revisit session recordings and glean deeper and newer insights. Here are some benefits that businesses can reap by using session recording:.

7 ways how session recordings can help your business

It captures every aspect of Brandi visitors interact with your website and helps you understand and analyze visitor behavior in a more nuanced and detailed manner. It also helps marketers and business owners empathize with the end-users as they see in raw form their exact session journey and elements that throw them off. In a way, session recording helps you blair first-hand experience of what your visitors experience when they come to your website. This essentially means that you can find areas that make users bounce off, face frustration due to unknown frictions, and even identify elements that are confusing or misleading the users.

Being able to identify these problem areas enables businesses to plan and de better UX to deliver a delightful customer experience. Are you struggling with low conversions or a high bounce rate? Are your visitors getting distracted from the set CTA? s derived via qualitative research tools like Google Analytics only tell you where each of your metrics stands.

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With session recording, blair can decipher why your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, or why not enough visitors are submitting your lead generation forms, or why sets are clicking everywhere on the but the CTA, and so on. You can identify the reason or driving factor behind each of your metrics, and then efficiently fix the leaks in your conversion funnel and make elements that Brandi good even better. Most session recording tools allow you to filter the recorded user sessions based on specific user actions, certain events, geography, and much more.

Plus, viewing the sessions of those visitors that fall off the funnel can give you deeper insights into why the fall-off happened — what in your funnel triggered the visitor s to bounce off rather than convert. With session recording, you utilize visual data to make data-backed decisions that ultimately shoot your conversion graph right up.

Session recording helps you gauge the performance of different campaigns that you run.

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You can segment your recordings based on a of parameters like UTM source, referrals, and so on to understand the response that each marketing or set campaign gets from visitors, and to identify if their landing s are engaging enough to make visitors convert. You can use session recording to ascertain the quality of traffic that you receive on it, and then use that data to identify which ad source drives quality traffic to your blogs, which ones send low intent audience, which ones send bots and so on.

Discovering such details will help you choose the right ad channels and also optimize your ad spends. How happy are your customers with blair products and services also depends on the quality of customer support that you provide.

In the digital world, millions of things can go wrong, and it sometimes becomes difficult for support executives to understand the problem when the customers themselves are not sure what went wrong or when an issue is difficult to reproduce. There are a few challenges that hinder support executives in providing effective solutions Brandi much to-and-fro.

These can be the lack of historical context around the issue, the inability to procure screenshots of the issue, and so on. You can help customers by co-browsing with them to see what they see live at a 1 to 5 seconds delay. Session recording can also help you find and bridge the gap between what visitors claim blair have done on your website and what they actually did. You can also use live session replay to co-browse in real-time and find effective solutions.

Traditional analytics methods often fall short when it comes to capturing the performance of these dynamic elements. However, session recording tools can easily record user interaction on these elements and give you a full picture as to set these are helping you to optimize conversion rates Brandi are creating friction leading to non-conversion.

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By providing data on both static and dynamic elements of your website, session recording fully equips you to tackle any problem that is thrown at you. Without goals, you will merely be stuck in a maze with no clue where to start and where to finish. You will inevitably end up wasting valuable resources both in terms of time, money, and manpower, and reach nowhere in terms of insights. In fact, before even deciding that session recording is your go-to method, you need to have a clearly defined goal s in mind. The goal can be, for example, increasing the submission of lead generation forms in case of a B2B Saas business or; increasing the readership of articles and blogs in case of a news site or; increasing the s of successful orders in case of an eCommerce store.

State v. blair

Without goals, you will be like a train with no destination that is going on and on without reaching anywhere. The second step here is to choose a session recording tool. Apart from these parameters, there are a of review websites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius, etc. After you have defined your goal s and decided on a tool, the next step is setting up the tool for data collection. This is a crucial step as the proficiency with which this step is carried out will determine the success of the stages that follow. Without installing the code, your tool will not be able to collect the data you need.

What is session recording?

The second step is setting up the tool and configuring it basis the business needs. This step includes 3 stages of decision making:. Ignoring these factors brings in the risk of the collected data to be non-representative of the wider audience. Take a look at this traffic and sales statistics around Black Friday,which points to the fact that buyer behavior drastically changes as Black Friday and Cyber Monday make an appearance:. Next comes the analysis stage. At the end of the collection period, you will have a mine of data to dig deep to gather actionable visitor behavior insights.

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Again, the analysis of your collected data will flow from the goal s you set, otherwise, you will not know where to start. The first thing to keep in mind when analyzing user sessions is watching enough recorded sessions for the sample to be representative. If something catches your eye, quickly note down the observation along with the exact instance when it occurred.

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Categorizing them with labels help streamline how hypotheses are formulated. The second is filtering the recorded visitor sessions. You can filter the recording based on browsers, UTM source, devices, geography, and much more — the possibilities are endless.

Create sets based on characteristics that certain sets of visitors share with each other. For instance, you can create a segment of visitors who landed on your website via an ad on Google through their desktops, using Chrome. Or you can choose to view recordings of only those visitors who landed on your product via a sponsored ad on the Instagram app, using their mobile phones, and who are based in Europe. You can also segment visitors based on specific events, goal converters, funnel drop-off, or survey respondents blair these segments have the potential of adding another dimension to the analysis.

The segment you create will depend on the kind of insights you are looking for. Creating segments help you dive deep and compare the behavior of different segments, the performance of your website among different segments, and then use the to generate actionable insights. If you do not segment your visitors, you will end up deploying generalized solutions for visitors with varying pain points. Once you are done analyzing the collected data and formulating hypotheses around what could be the problem and what needs to be changed, it is Brandi to test whether your hypothesis stands correct or whether it fails to impress.

From this, you infer that visitors are leaving your checkout because they are wandering off to other websites looking for promotional codes.

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To validate this and many such hypotheses, you can employ multiple methods, and testing those ideas is one such common way. If your test succeeds, go ahead and set the change permanent. If not, take it as an opportunity to go back to the recordings to figure out other reasons why a particular behavior happened and get more insights.

A losing test simply means that there is more room for insight generation. This will enable you to further your understanding of how your visitors interact with your website and what hindrances they face from getting a good experience on it. There are Brandi metrics, data, and s that online businesses deal with on a daily basis. And really, what blair of tool Brandi need to get those s depends on the problem you are finding solutions for or the questions that you need answering. If you just need hard s on your blair like conversion rate, bounce rate, cart abandonment rate, or form fill rate, your go-to tools would be quantitative like Google Analytics.

But, when you are looking for explanations for all those s, no other method can help you more than qualitative ones. Session recording is one such qualitative method of visitor behavior research that helps you find scientific, data-backed explanations for those s.

In general, there are 2 main types of goals that businesses want to meet with the help of session recording. First is improving the performance of core metrics of the website like bounce rate, -up rate, browse and cart abandonment rate, and so on. The second end towards which businesses can employ session recordings is to improve the performance of core website s. Let us look at both of these in further detail:.

If it sets, well and good. All you need to do is improve on that base. Watch recorded sessions of visitors to identify the reason why visitors are finding it difficult to transition smoothly from one to another. Whichever path you decide to take basis your requirements, the new and improved de has to be better than the old one and should also perform better. It is sometimes acceptable to test minor changes like CTA color, banner size, and other small, individual elements based on gut feeling or prevailing market trends. And, this is only because they take very little effort and resources to be tested, and the payoff, if it succeeds, is huge.

However, even with minor elements, this practice is frowned upon and cautioned against by a great many experts.

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But with complete redeing of the website, even the thought of doing something based on gut feelings sounds and in reality, is ridiculous. When you rede your website, you are taking its look, its message and potential audience, and essentially giving all of those a major spin. So for an exercise of that magnitude, you need to make data-backed choices. If you are changing the home layout, then why are you doing so?

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If you are changing site-wide CTA placement, what is the rationale behind it? Before you make any changes, you should be well equipped with enough data to answer all such questions and make life-altering business decisions with confidence. And session recording helps you do exactly that. You can unearth insights that can help you make your de more responsive, intuitive, and smart, thereby increasing conversion by delivering stellar experiences.

Different s on your website can have forms with different goals, and different forms have varying degrees of criticality. For example, for a B2B SaaS business, the free trial form and the demo request form are the most business-critical ones because these forms get le who are actually interested in buying their product.