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I'd breast searching memes that Big filipina

Harmontown quote I meme'd: "You know who I envy? People who get

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I'd jump up and down for joy, but my boobs are just way too big for Big Boobs Meme.

What is my age: 47
My gender: I am girl
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Welcome to your younger self.

The 16 best memes for women with big boobs & the people who love them

We say this because you can go ahead and check your maturity level at the door. And the queen of all stupid jokes : boob quips. Which is why postpartum boob memes are a whole hilarious category of breast jokes mamas everywhere love. And while the dick jokes and poop jokes are kings of the dirty jokes world, we should still pay our respect to the queen. All hail the boob jokes! Besides being funny, breasts give you your first lesson in friendship.

All they ask is for in return is your love and support. They even help you out with feeding your kids! No matter what your jugs look like, we hope you love them just as much as we do. With that in mind, we put together the absolute best and funniest list of jokes about breasts. Tits up and enjoy. Warner Bros.

27 memes that will only be funny if your bra is too tight.

What do a push-up bra and a bag of chips have in common? Her belly button. Where do bras get lunch? At a breastaurant. Why do women have nipples? To make suckers out of men.

13 funny relatable memes for anyone with big boobs

What did the boob tell the other boob? Time is like cleavage. The more you squeeze them together, the more you get. What happened to the man who slipped on a bra?

Boobs the original stimulus package big breast memes

He fell into a booby trap! Giphy What do boobs and friends have in common? Some are big, some are small, some are real, and some are fake. The existence of boobs proves one thing: Guys can focus on two things at once. Straight men go from drinking from boobs to obsessing about boobs to having a pair of boobs of their own. Why is paying for a boob job like buying a soda? Nobody wants either to end up flat. The breaststroke.

13 funny relatable memes for anyone with big boobs

Grandma found a lump under her left breast, but the doctor said it was OK. It was just her kneecap. I love you with all my boobs. What do train sets and boobs have in common? What did the baby say to the mama?

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When you are running down the stairs without a bra on. A friend is like a good bra. Summer is the official boob sweat season. A woman got breast implants made of wood yesterday. This joke would be funny if it had a punchline wooden tit? With great boobs comes great responsibility. Boobs are like kiddie toys.


What did one saggy boob say to the other? A faux pair. What do you call the moisture on the chest of a very large-breasted woman? Mountain Dew. Where does a waitress wear a bikini? In a breastaurant.

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I was once slapped in the face by a girl with 12 nipples. Sounds weird, dozen tit? The mattress company has come out with a line of breast implants. A young reporter was having trouble finishing her byline. The young reporter thought long and hard. Smith was injured in a car accident today.

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She is recovering in County Hospital with lacerations to her. The breaststroke was not what I thought it would be. He had a photographic mammary. I think breastfeeding in public is unfair.

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Why did the rooster hide the menu from his wife? He was looking at the chicken breast.

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Hide me, but I will always emerge. The other girlfriend grabs a paper towel and goes to hand it to her friend, but she trips and elbows her bestie right in the boob.

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That really hurt! I had the breast intentions.

50+ hilarious boob jokes that will really give you a lift

Like the underwire in my bra that tried to stab me. What did the baby say to its mother after breastfeeding? Thanks for the mammaries! Get daily updates, kick-ass content, and curated recommendations. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info.

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