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The bloodline of the Arabian horse is perpetuated through most refined breeds of equine athletes to be found around the world today, with their muscular conformation, uniquely shaped, almost arrogant head carriage, deep chest, remarkable intelligence and sensitivity. Their cultural links to the Sultanate were embraced by the late Sultan Qaboos, and are reflected in the magnificent Royal Cavalry, home to hundreds of horses, horsemen and horsewomen, for whom their daily duties are a labour of love.

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Below are some descriptions of the Arab horse in motion written by people who knew the breed well and who also happened to publish books about it.

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These statements were made prior to The advantage to the early dates, is that all of the writers were familiar with foundation stock of Arabian breeding in the English speaking world and can tell us about those horses. The disadvantage is that some of the statements are likely to be out of date and might not apply to our modern Arabians.

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Additionally, the writers were more or less limited to those Arabians of which they have personal knowledge, what they say might not reflect the breed as a whole. Nonetheless, a reader gets the impression of graceful, agile horses, which one hopes Arabians will always be.

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Knee action, however, is not a characteristic of the breed nor should it be sought for. Blunt quoted, This, with corresponding action behind, like that of a deer trotting through fern, is most important in a sire and a great test of quality.

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The Arabian gait is pendulous, forward and ahead, and he dwells without much bending or lifting of the knee. No purebred Arabian, however, is a high stepper. The hock action powerful, and the hocks well lifted and brought forwards with a swinging strideā€¦ The knee action is rather higher perhaps than that of the Thoroughbred, but it is the shoulder action which matters.

Purebred arabian horse in motion

His gaits are so smooth and elastic one does not grow fatigued. This, no doubt, is ed for by the fact that he does not lift his feet high or pound the ground. He is a good walking horse and has a nice trot, at which he merely lifts his feet high enough to clear the ground, and his canter, or gallop, is low, but smooth and graceful.

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Article appeared in the Cyclopedia of American Agriculture. Abbreviations refer to the following works: 1 Arab Horseby Homer Davenport. Brown, 2nd ed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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