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Travel Awards

In order to help our students to attend to the EUCHIS-SIAQ 2017 Conference both EUCHIS and SIAQ Societies open a call for students awards.

It is compatible to apply to both awards but in the case of being awarded by both Societies, the beneficiary should resign one of them.

For more information and contact, please visit EUCHIS and SIAQ web pages

The deadline to submit applications to EUCHIS will close on 20th March 2017. (EUCHIS Requirements)

The deadline to submit applications to SIAQ will close on 17th March 2017, 16:00 UTC). Please note that SIAQ grants will be awarded by strict application arrival order (Call opening 15th March 16:00 UTC). Check deadlines and requirements as soon as possible. (SIAQ requirements Spanish version; English version)

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