Confirmed speakers

Plenary Speakers

  • Laurent David. Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. France. “Bioreactors for cellular and tissue engineerings”.
  • Alessandro Gandini. University of Sao Paulo. Brazil.
  • Hermenegildo García. Technical University of Valencia. Spain. “From chitosan to graphenes. Application in heterogeneous catalysis”

Speakers (Under construction)

  • Carlos Arnaiz . Expert in legal issues.
  • Carlos Peniche. Universidad de la Habana. Cuba
  • Julio San Román. Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros. CSIC. Spain
  • Svetlana Bratskaya. Russian Academy of Science. Russia
  • Jun-ichi Kadokawa. Kagoshima University. Japan
  • Carla Caramella. University of Pavia. Italy
  • Francisco Goycoolea. Leeds University. UK
  • Lars Berglund. Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC). Sweden.
  • Veronique Coma. University of Bordeaux 1. France

Oral presentation

Our scientific program will include five Plenary Lectures (a 30 min), including the oral presentation of the Braconnot prize winner; five times two parallel Oral Sessions with three Lectures (a 15 min plus a 5 min for discussion) each; two Poster Sessions (a 120 min) and one Speed Talk Session for the winners of the posters contest (60 min). All posters will be on display throughout the whole conference in the Exhibition areas. There will be a pre-conference industrial meeting (in Madrid) and a post-conference Young Researcher Symposium. For being eligible as oral presentation a minimum analysis of the chitin / chitosan used in the work is mandatory.

Tentative Oral Sessions

Session topics will include:

Fundamental Sessions:

» New methods to Chitin, chitosans and Oligosaccharides production

» Advances in chemistry of Chitin and Chitosans

» Advances in physical-chemistry and interactions


» Catalysis and Biocatalysis

» Food Technology

» Agriculture

» Nanotechnology

» Health Science

» Enzymology

» Technological applications

Apart from the scientific sessions will include three specific sessions covering legal aspects, companies and funding for synergic among researchers and researchers-companies.

» Legal aspects of the use of chitin and chitosan

» Upcoming Trends, Applications, and Markets for Chitin and Chitosans (Speakers-experts from Chitin and Chitosan business companies)

» Chitin and Chitosans collaborating communities. Funding opportunities (Speakers-experts in funding programs for research consortiums and research-companies’ consortiums).