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We are convinced that companies play a fundamental role in the successful development of chitin/chitosan Science. In past editions of EUCHIS Congresses and SIAQ Symposiums, several companies have gone along with EUCHIS and SIAQ. We think, however, that it is the moment that companies have their own place in our events; with this aim, we have designed a Companies Meeting in Madrid, previously to the Congress in Seville. This event is a first step to further interactions between companies and experts during the Conference in Seville. The Companies Meeting is opened to all industrial companies registered in the Congress.

Meeting Schedule (tentative)

9.00-9.20 Welcome and presentation

9.30-9.45 Presentation of Enterprise Europe  Network

9.45-11.00 Companies presentation ( 5-10 min per company)

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-14.00 One-to-one meetings

14.00-15.00 Lunch

If you want to attend to the meeting please complete the form.

To apply for a one-to-one meeting please create a user and password. You will have the opportunity to book your one-to one meetings in our calendar. You will receive shortly an e-mail with the instructions to participate.

Registered companies (Under Construction)

InFiQuS (Spain)

Idebio S.L. (Spain)

Innovacion Ambiental Quitosano (Venezuela)

Inbiotech Corporation SA (Panama)

Noricum SL (Spain)

Primex (Iceland)

Ranke Química, S.L.-Armirall (Spain)

BioAgro (Chile)

Citrique Belge (Belgium)

Vepinsa (Mexico)



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