Research on Chitin and ChitosanS is gaining a prominent interest for science and industry due to their unique properties, natural origin and the recent regulatory events that foresee a brilliant future for the research and the industrial applications of these polymers.

During the last 12th EUCHIS / ICCC 13th Conference our community was aware that to deal with the challenge of bringing chitosan to its highest development a stronger relationship between our Scientific Societies and between Science and Industry is needed.

As a first step to this better interplay, SIAQ Symposium and EUCHIS Conference will be held together for the first time in Seville (Faculty of Chemistry). The Conference will be preceded by two events, an Industrial Meeting to face up the Industry challenges that will be held in Madrid and the second edition of the Young Research Meeting to be held in Seville.

We have designed the Conference as a meeting point for young, junior and senior researchers, producers and developers of chitosan-based products from all over the word. Everybody is expected to hear about last developments in fundamental topics and applications of chitin and chitosan, legal issues and new and upcoming chitin/chitosan-based products and markets. We will particularly focus on helping to create or improve the existing chitosan networks. A specific session with information on funding opportunities for researchers, companies and research-company consortium will be also held.

We fervently hope the scientific content of the Congress and the opportunities offered by the invited companies will come up to your expectations.

We wish you a very pleasant and fruitful stay in Madrid (Venue of the Companies Meeting) and Seville (Venue of EUCHIS-SIAQ Conference and the Young Research Symposium). We nicely ask you to bring a good camera or rather a mobile phone to send WhatsApps to your friends back home showing the roses in Madrid and the blossoming Jacaranda trees in Seville streets.



Early registration: Until April 1st, 2017

Late registration: Until May 25th, 2017


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Travel Award Applications: EUCHIS members 20th March 2017; SIAQ members 17th MArch 16:00 UTC.

Proceedings Submission: pending